Binding Agreement Trance – Goddess Alexandra Snow | Release Date: May 20, 2017

You and I are both successful, powerful attornies and we have been opposing counsel on a case that has drug out for months. One night I invite you over to discuss a settlement, which you happily agree to do. Once we sit down, however, I begin to discuss how stressed and anxious you must be.. how you are never really able to relax and how much of a toll this must take on you! I invite you to come sit next to me and see that once again you cannot take your eyes off my cleavage. It’s always been a weak spot for you but until now you’ve never let it get to you.. but as I begin to speak to you in a strangely relaxing voice, you find yourself fixated on my breasts. Soon you are spiraling down.. down.. down.. and I will be getting exactly what I want from you. “Just nod your head for me and say it out loud that you acknowledge this is a binding agreement..”

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