YoungGoddessKim – Leather and Lust

The most amazing boot worship instruction and domination is about to begin as you await in anticipation on your knees. I have just got dressed into My leather outfit to go out. I know you can’t stop admiring how I look in My full leather outfit. Kiss My divine boots and greet Me properly, slave. I see how affected you are by My power and authority. you are stripped of your ego and grovel before My boots like the bitch you are. you need thorough guidance on how I like My boots worshiped and cleaned. Beg. Follow My boot worship commands as you work hard to please Me. I will take you by the leash and guide you, boot bitch. And don’t think that I don’t notice how it makes you feel being so low beneath My boots desperately licking My soles and sucking My heels. I know how horny and weak you are. Shut up and bite on this gag. you drool for My boots in desperate arousal begging for relief. Come here boot slave, I have a surprise for you..

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