The Pact (the Arcane Sorceress)

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The Pact (the Arcane Sorceress)
Singing a creepy latin jingle I lure you to me, a mysterious woman wearing a black mask. I know your sexual needs and I know the way to save you from yourself. I allow you to touch yourself being involved in this erotic hipno crescendo, but at only one condition. I want something in return: you. You will be slave to me for all your life, my servant, my inferior. This is the price you have to pay, this is our pact. Due to my magical powers, you can’t get out of this pact. Just one look in the eyes of my magical owl and the spell is cast on you. After that, you are allowed to masturbate and do what I say. You’re going to cum at my command, and eat your seed for me. This is your first duty as a slave. “Wherever you go, you are bond forever to this pact” Inspired by the Italian movie “The arcane sorcerer”. Featuring: erotic magic, mesmerize, mask fetish, gloves, pendant, masturbation instruction, cum eating instruction, female domination, pantyhose, high heels, seduction, gothic.

The Pact (the Arcane Sorceress)
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