The Angels Pet

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You wake up to find that you’ve died and gone to heaven. Literally. You must have been a very good boy because in front of you is me – a beautiful, seductive angel, scantily clad and promising to take care of you. Although, I won’t be keeping you around for the reasons you’re thinking. Heaven is boring. It’s all singing, virtue and sunshine….but I want to be bad. You may think that you’ve been a good boy, but nothing could be further from the truth. You are a sinner through and through and I’ve made a deal with the devil to keep you as a pet. I’ll be putting you through some serious trial and tribulations and maybe (just maybe) you’ll earn you spot beyond the pearly gates. Of course, you’re doing to have to start at the bottom – the very bottom! You want to act like a pig; I’ll treat you as one. You’ll be rolling around in my angel in no time. You can’t get lower than a human toilet!

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