Randy Moore – Forget Your Fat Wife Pt2

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Randy Moore - Forget Your Fat Wife Pt2
I come back and you’re where I left you…waiting with a raging hard-on. I have a present, but first, are you ready to give me your wad of cash? No…not quite? Ok then I’m gonna tease more with my goddess like body. You’re getting weaker…and your hard-on is getting stronger…but don’t touch it till I tell you! Now open your present. Do you like it?…it’s my my soiled panties I just masturbated in, and stuck in my wet pussy…covered in my essence. Sniff them. Now you’re so weak I can completely control you. Give me that cash! Here, I’ll be nice…keep 20 bucks to spend on your fat wife…Haha! Now go…go to the mall and have fun buying that bitch a present! (960×540) wmv format
TEASE & DENIAL, Randy Moore, highly arched feet, blondes, Big tits, legs, masturbation instruction, masturbation, ass worship

Randy Moore - Forget Your Fat Wife Pt2
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