Randy Moore – Forget Your Fat Wife Pt1

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Randy Moore - Forget Your Fat Wife Pt1


Thanks for returning that hair drier your fat wife borrowed. So you’re going shopping for her birthday? It’s my birthday too…don’t waste your money on her…nothing’s gonna look good on her anyway. I know you like staring at me. Go ahead…enjoy the view of my long legs, my high arched feet, my round tight ass. Bet you wish you could have some of this! I want that money you’re planning to spend on that fat bitch…and checking out my hot body weakens you doesn’t it. I can see that your cock’s getting fat and hard…bulging like that wad of cash you need to give me! I’ll show a little bit of skin, but I’ve gotta go get you a special present. Be right back…. To be continued…

Category: TEASE & DENIAL
Keywords: home wrecker, Randy Moore, blondes, Big tits, ass, masturbation instruction, masturbation, panty fetish, upskirt

Randy Moore - Forget Your Fat Wife Pt1


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