Mandy Flores POV – #255 Schoolgirl Homewrecker

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Mandy Flores POV - #255 Schoolgirl Homewrecker
Mandy Flores POV - #255 Schoolgirl Homewrecker
Starting off just being friendly/chatting in a hallway, you are bored and begin to innocently flirt with me. You invite me into another room so we can chat, relax and grab a drinkTalk about how I’ve only ever been with my wife tease about what it would be like to be with someone elseMore teasing about how you know that I always fancied you despite ending with your best friend & how the outfit is my fantasy (which my wife has told you)Slow stripping for me asking if I like what I see & if its as good as I dreamed it would be (leaving the long socks, heels & underwear on)Playfully joking about me getting excited & if I want to stroke for youBending over and teasing me about how your ass looks in lacy underwear and your long legs in the socksYou ask me to get my cock out for you so you can take a look and start rubbing for me asking me how you look and if I prefer you or my wife & start to play with yourselfYou ask me if it is exciting to finally be with you & then you start to give me a blow jobAsk if it turns me on thinking of my wife being close and could be caught at any time Say that you have always wanted to prove that you sexier & more talented than my wife You tell me to fuck you & how I am powerless to resist you mandy flores Then reveal that your plan tonight (dressing up especially and getting me alone) was to show me how much sexier and clever you are than my wife & now I will always be thinking of you when I am with my wife You tease about how I am going to owe you in the future to make sure my wife doesn’t find out about this

Mandy Flores POV - #255 Schoolgirl Homewrecker
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