Mandy Flores – #254 Special Talent

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Mandy Flores - #254 Special Talent
Mandy Flores - #254 Special Talent
Mandy Flores - #254 Special Talent
My idea consists of you being my friend’s girlfriend or wife who has come over to ask me something. You are dressed in a t-shirt, jeans or jean shorts with a belt, a bra, some panties that are not see-through, and socks, sneakers. The outfit should bring out a lot of cleavage. You tell me that my friend has not had sex with you in months and you ask me if I know anything. You tell me he is not in the mood anymore and give me a tour of your body working from your breasts to your flat stomach to your asshole to your pussy for me tell you the problem. Then, you start to tease me and show me your body. You strip off your shirt and ask if it is your breasts. Then, you take your bra off and start to play with your breasts and nipples with lots of close-ups. You would pull on your nipples, tease them, suck on them (if possible), and lick them (if possible). Then, you tease with your flat stomach and take off your jeans or jean shorts with belt. You are in your panties and turn around then pulling your panties to the side to show your asshole and spread it open with close-ups. Then, you turn back around and take off your panties to show me your pussy, spread it open, and show details of inside your pussy with close-ups. Finally, you tell me you have a special talent your husband/boyfriend does not know about and you show me you can squirt. The last part is you playing with your pussy with only your fingers and squirt with close-ups.

Mandy Flores - #254 Special Talent
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