Mandy Flores – #239 365 Days of Denial

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Mandy Flores - #239 365 Days of Denial
Mandy Flores - #239 365 Days of Denial


A month ago I found my longtime 24/7 live in slave masturbating without permission. As part of his slavery, I never allow him pussy, he is kept naked all the time, and I restrict his orgasms, making him stay chaste aside from rare occasions in which I allow him to touch himself and sometimes cum. Mandy Flores. Consequently, when I found him violating the honor system and jerking without permission I immediately locked him into chastity, where he has been ever since. I tell him that after he has spent the last month in chastity Ive finally decided his punishment. No, the month in chastity was not his punishment. His punishment is that he wont be allowed to cum for an entire year. Since he is going to spend the next twelve months in chastity today Im going to allow him the chance to have one last orgasm before being locked away for the year. But that it will only happen if he follows my orders exactly and is horny enough to cum on command. If he doesn’t follow my orders exactly and play along with my little game, he will be locked up without the chance to cum.

Mandy Flores


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