Mandy Flores – #213 Angry Giantess vs The Company

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Mandy Flores - #213 Angry Giantess vs The Company
Mandy Flores


Ive always despised my boss at the company and his board members. All men and womanizers. There was a promotion position and I worked over time and busted my ass for the position and the office slut got it instead. Ive had enough and they are all going to pay! I have a secret and Im ready to use it to turn everyone involved into tiny helpless hostages until this angry giantess gets what she deserves. Im big enough to kill you and all your employees and no one will know what happened to you. Its simple, give me the secret code to your money and you wont see me again. No? How about if I crush your vice president with my boots…just make him a stain in the concrete, how much is his life worth to you? Wow, really? Ok then. How about your son..hmmm? Im sure his life is worth your money? NO? Wow, you really are a money hungry asshole. Him and this nobody will be put in between my toes and try to survive in my hot boot. Do you hear them plead their lives? How about the Mistress here? Funny how I deserved the position more but I wouldnt suck your filthy dick, she did. All she is good for is being a sex object apparently. Lick and suck my pussy bitch. God Im getting very turned on by this, better tell me the numbers or she might drown in my pussy… hurry up! Good boy, see that was easy. Too bad a few had to die before you came to your senses dick head. Say goodbye to your love… what, I didnt promise shit. I cant let you go, why so you can turn me in and I can spend your money after 40 years in Prison? I think not! You all are going to And you will be crushed under your precious car!

Mandy Flores - #213 Angry Giantess vs The Company


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