Mandy Flores – #172 Edging

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Mandy Flores - #172 Edging
Mandy Flores


Are you up for a hell of a ride? Im going give you full stroking instructions all the way to the end. Im going to make you edge several times. mandy. mandy. I will count you down but not release you, not yet. I will want you stay on the edge for different amounts of time. 10 seconds, 20 seconds and so on. After each countdown to a holding edge I will keep you instructing you how to stroke. Im going to tease you like crazy the whole time, you will be begging to cum. flores. After multiple edging sessions Im going to make you rewind the video, and do it all over again. flores. How many times? You’ll find out. Only if you manage to hold out for me at the end is when you have earned the final edge and count down to total bliss.

Mandy Flores - #172 Edging


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