Goddess Alexandra Snow – Ocean trance

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Goddess Alexandra Snow - Ocean trance
Goddess Alexandra Snow - Ocean trance
This is a visually stunning trance created for an intense, sensual experience with advanced visualization. It features numerous audio and visual sequences that will pull you under in a matter of moments. It begins with an audio induction and relaxing visualizations and soon spirals into vivid imagery and ocean scenes. Once you’re deep into trance, my image materializes and my raw eroticism flows over your flesh. Am I human? Supernatural? Some creature from the sea? Too beautiful to be real, a siren to lure you into the darkness. The images revolve as I writhe in your view, transporting you from the edge of a beautiful beach to the depths of vast sea. You are unable to help yourself and stroke, your erection throbbing like the ocean’s tides. With each command, your orgasm draws closer until it crashes over you like a tidal wave.

Goddess Alexandra Snow - Ocean trance
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