Clubstiletto – Mistress Bijou Steal – Serving Two Masters

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Clubstiletto - Mistress Bijou Steal - Serving Two Masters
Your honeymoon is coming to an end, and before you head back to town, your wife proposes something a little more exciting: A threesome. With another man, that is. Don’t pretend to be shocked, wife Bijou has seen the porn you have on your computer. She’s sure you will be quite amenable to having a dick rammed down your throat. Besides, she already picked out a stud for the job: The bartender, whom she already fucked while you were playing “computer games”. It’s not Bijou’s fault his cock is so much bigger than yours. Anyway, Bijou thought she’ d use you to prime his dick for her pussy. He’s very talented and can cum more than once a night, so he’d cumming in your mouth as well, not just in Bijou’s pussy. You could be useful for getting his dick erect and cleaning the jizz out of her afterwards. Bijou thinks you only married her for her money, so if you want to keep having access to it, you’d best be a good little bitch and play your part. Just think, not only is your wife your master, so is her boyfriend!
Mistress: Mistress Bijou Steal

Clubstiletto - Mistress Bijou Steal - Serving Two Masters
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