Clubdom – Alexis and Dahlia’s Boot Licker POV

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Clubdom - Alexis and Dahlia's Boot Licker POV
Clubdom - Alexis and Dahlia's Boot Licker POV
Goddesses Alexis Grace and Dahlia Rain have been tormenting their male pets all day long. This has caused the women to sweat and dirty their once very shiny and sexy boots. They have allowed you to come out of your cage and have given you the privilege of cleaning their boots for them, and be on your knees, staring up at their beauty while doing it. The catch? You will not be using rags, but your very own tongue. Get to work polishing just as the Goddesses tell you to. Do not miss one spot. Look at how horny this is making you. The Goddesses have noticed and want you to stroke your cock for them, and spray your man filth all over their boots, so they can enjoy watching you polish them all over again by licking off every drop.
Tags: Boot Worship, Masturbation Instruction, Goddesses Alexis Grace, Dahlia Rain

Clubdom - Alexis and Dahlia's Boot Licker POV
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