American Mean Girls – Your Last Day on Earth Goddess Randi

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American Mean Girls - Your Last Day on Earth Goddess Randi
Goddess Randi


Well, you really fucked up this time. This is the end of the line for you, slave. You are going to take your last breaths on earth today. You see, you burned My breakfast this morning. NOT good. So I have some of the bigger, obedient slaves kick your ass, tie you up, and leave you floating in the pool like this with just a little floaty under your chin to keep your head above water- you are now completely HELPLESS and at MY mercy. (Of which, I have none. LOL)
And you came to Mean Girl Manor with no living relatives and no real friends to speak of. And you certainly didn’t tell any of your friends that you DO have that you were coming here to give up your entire life to become a full time SLAVE, now did you? Of course not! So if I end your life today, no one will ever know…and your carcass will just be buried in the backyard with all the others. Decomposing slave bodies make such great fertilizer…lol.
So I am just going to casually rest my foot on top of your head and push you under for as long as I like- and there is NOTHING you can do about it. Except hold your breath maybe! LOL But you can only do that for so long. Oh my, this is going to be sooo entertaining for Me! Literally playing with your life like this! Well, at least you will be able to stare at my beautiful foot while you are underwater…until it all goes dark for you, of course. 😉
*(This is an AWESOME realistic clip shot with an underwater camera that gives you a true “slave experience” of what it would be like to dye under MY feet!)*

Goddess Randi

American Mean Girls - Your Last Day on Earth Goddess Randi


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