American Mean Girls – My Pathetic Valentine Goddess NO

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American Mean Girls - My Pathetic Valentine Goddess NO
Goddess NO
American Mean Girls


So you are so in “love” with me that you sent me – your GODDESS – these stupid balloons? (Oh, and a bunch of CA$H too of course! LOL) Yeah, I’ll totally keep the cash. but balloons professing your “undying love” for me?? HAHAHA!!!! Like seriously, I am laughing in your FACE right now! Because I REALLY do NOT care about you- at ALL. You are just a slave to me.
And guess what? I am going to literally DESTROY these balloons right in your face too. I am going to flat-out TELL you how little you mean to me. How pathetic I think you are.
I am going to stomp on them with my $1000 Louboutin stilettos and LAUGH at you! I’m going to SIT right on your stupid balloons until they POP underneath MY gorgeous ass! Because I REALLY do not care about you. LOL. You are just a stupid, pathetic SLAVE to me.
And you know what? No matter how bad I treat you, no matter how much I tell you to your stupid ugly FACE that I don’t give 2 sh*tts about you and laugh at you- you will STILL worship me and have undying DEVOTION to me! Because I am your GODDESS! And that is how it SHOULD be…I can treat you as bad as I want and you will STILL worship the ground I walk on!

Goddess NO

American Mean Girls - My Pathetic Valentine Goddess NO


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