American Mean Girls – Jerk-Toy For Harley Quinn Ash Hollywood

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American Mean Girls - Jerk-Toy For Harley Quinn Ash Hollywood
Ash Hollywood


You have been caught trespassing on The Joker’s property. But since you are just a “mortal nobody”- he has caged you and given you to his little sadistic assistant, Harley Quinn. She likes to play with dolls- and t0rturre them. And no YOU will be her REAL-LIFE doll to play with!
She wants to play with you…and you will LET her…as it is your only hope for survival. You will be her personal PETT to play with- for as long as you last, anyway….hahahahaha!!!
And the first trick she wants to teach you as her new “pett” is to strip naked and STROKE for her. She commands you to look at her in her leather evil villainess costume while she teases you…
What will she do with you……how will it end….??? Tune in….and download now.

STARRING: Ash Hollywood
This is a great clip, and very true to the comic book! Ash is sooo sadistic…yet CUTE! It’s quite diabolical, actually… 😉

American Mean Girls


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