American Mean Girls – Goddess Nina Elle – Inferior Couple

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American Mean Girls - Goddess Nina Elle - Inferior Couple
Goddess Nina Elle
American Mean Girls - Goddess Nina Elle - Inferior Couple


You WISH your wife looked like ME, don’t you? Too bad. Don’t worry, you could have never had me anyway LOL. I am SOOO out of your league! But you know what you CAN do? WORSHIP Me. That’s right. KNEEL before me and GROVEL at my feet. If you worship me as your superior, I MAY allow you in my life…You will also need to shower me with gifts. And MONEY. I may even put you on an allowance LOL. That’s right- I will decide how much of “your” money you will get each month! And you know what? Just because your wife married YOU, that makes her inferior as well. So I will want you to explain to her where all your money is going- and I want BOTH of you to serve and worship ME! And if she doesn’t like it, now here is how this is going to work…-You will both be stored chained up in my basement like property.-You will WORSHIP me on my throne in regularly scheduled rituals! -You will PRAISE me constantly for being superior to BOTH of you fat, ugly losers and THANK me for allowing you in my life!-You will open online businesses…and give ALL the $$ to ME! I will feed you scraps- if at all! LOL-You will do ANYTHING I say! -I may even position the 2 of you as “human furniture” in my home when I have parties for my superior, hot friends- just to humiliate both of you and show off and entertain my friends!-You will literally do ANYTHING I say, worship me as your GOD, and give me ALL of your $$$!!! (BOTH of you!!)-I might even whore your wife out on a street corner and take 100% of whatever her fat ass can ear for me! Haha

Goddess Nina Elle
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American Mean Girls - Goddess Nina Elle - Inferior Couple


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