American Mean Girls – Edging Slave of Mean Girl Manor 1 Princess Carmella

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American Mean Girls - Edging Slave of Mean Girl Manor 1 Princess Carmella
Princess Carmella


So You are the new Edging slave being installed here at Mean Girl Manor? Well I am going to have some fun with you. You see, we always have a dedicated edging slave that is required to kneel next to Our throne 24/7. There are NEVER any breaks. All you get is a huge bottle of lube and a mason jar to dribble your pathetic pre-cum into- and that is IT LOL. No food, no water- nothing. Your ONLY purpose is to kneel, stroke, and keep yourself right on the verge of orgasm 24/7 while gazing up at Our beauty as We take turns sitting regally on Our throne. It makes us feel like the Goddesses We are- being worshipped by you 24/7. And you are NEVER allowed to cum slave- NEVER!! The last edging slave only lasted a few weeksbut he was the longest one yet. (We think he literally dyed from blueballs and aching knees. LOL)
I personally take delight in making you look only at my feet and GORGEOUS legs, haha. I know how much you burn as you stroke to me- even if I am just ignoring you… I think it’s funny. In fact, ALL the girls here at Mean Girl Manor find the Edging Slaves funny and patheticeven if We do sort of enjoy looking down from the throne and seeing you dedicatedly stroking your cock to Us like zombees
Because that is what you eventually becomea stroke zombee. After a day or so, We can see your eyes glaze over and you are just mindlessly stroking LOL. We love it. Oh, and make SURE you dribble all that pre-cum into the mason jar on the floor in front of you!! It makes an excellent shoe polish. And We ALL use it- and we ALL have a LOT of shoes LOL! So you need to PRODUCE, slave!
Oh, you are wondering what will happen to you if you accidentally cum? Well, lets just say you dont want that to happen, SLAVE Because there are THOUSANDS of worshipful, potential stroke-slaves out there that We can replace you with and they will all GLADLY take your place as Our next edging zombee slave. So kneel and START STROKING, slave!!!

Princess Carmella
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American Mean Girls


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