CfnmTV – Trojan Motors: Pieter Part 1-3

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CfnmTV - Trojan Motors: Pieter Part 1-3
Peter’s life has been turned upside down. Gone are the privileges of running one of the country’s most successful businesses. Instead he must hope that Cindy & Laura like him enough to keep him on. But the two women have incredibly high standards and will only accept the very best. They calmly evaluate him by stripping him naked and inspecting his exposed body. It seems that for Peter, the humiliation in court was just the beginning.
Part2: Having admired Peter’s firm, muscular arse, the two imperious women decide they’d like to fuck it. It doesn’t matter that for Peter, to be penetrated in such a manner is the ultimate attack on his macho pride. They are in charge now and if he wants to keep working for the company he’ll just have to grin and bear it. But as the agony and shame increases, he starts to wonder if he has the strength of character to survive in this tough business environment.
Part3: Having mauled and penetrated Pieter’s body, Laura and Cindy think they might be able to knock him into shape. But before they can make a final decision they decide to drain him of spunk. He won’t be much use to them if he’s walking around thinking about his big heavy balls all the time. Pieter can do nothing to stop the two powerful women grabbing and wanking his penis. They are determined to drain every last drop from him and make him into their obedient slave.

CfnmTV - Trojan Motors: Pieter Part 1-3
CfnmTV - Trojan Motors: Pieter Part 1-3
CfnmTV - Trojan Motors: Pieter Part 1-3
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