CfnmTV – Dare You Enter – Luke

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CfnmTV - Dare You Enter – Luke
CfnmTV - Dare You Enter – Luke


Dare You Enter? – it’s a new concept in CFNM. Having no idea what is going to happen men are told to turn up to a specific hotel meeting room at a specific time. They are then shown a door through which anything can happen. Better yet, most are stripped naked first! What a rush.

Remember the feeling of your first full physical at the doctor’s? You sit for ages in a waiting room until your name is called out. Then you are led into a little white room filled with strange instruments. Finally the nurse comes in and you realize you are totally in her hands. Now imagine walking through a door unprepared and finding yourself instantly transported back in time…to a medical exam where stern nurses are ready and waiting. That’s about to happen to Luke…

CfnmTV - Dare You Enter – Luke


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