CfnmTV – Cravings

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CfnmTV - Cravings


Alex Clark is in a bad mood. He doesn’t like being told what to do – least of all by his normally timid wife. Instead of working on an important case for work, he’s been dragged to this expensive clinic. Being cynical he doesn’t believe hypnotherapy can help him in the slightest and is determined to prove the doctor a charlatan. But Doctor Hapsberg is more than capable of dealing with a belligerent male – indeed, she enjoys the challenge.

Despite Alex’s assertion that the doctor won’t be able to hypnotise him, it takes only a matter of moments before he’s put under. With the doctor’s encouragement he happily reveals his most private thoughts. Grace gets to learn a lot about her husband’s habits when he’s all alone in the house and is not pleased. Fortunately stopping smoking isn’t the only corrective therapy Dr. Hapsberg offers as Alex is about to find out.

Alex’s revelations about his private life have come as a great shock for poor Grace. But fortunately the doctor is on hand to provide a remedy. With Grace’s husband completely under, she can correct his selfish and disrespectful behaviour. At the same time, she sees an opportunity for both of them to enjoy his masculine, naked body. Totally unaware of his state of undress, the suggestible Alex is more than happy to show off his “new suit” to anyone he comes across.

Grace was shocked to see her husband shove the butt-plug up his backside but is happy that Dr Hapsberg knows what she is doing. This new compliant Alex is much nicer than the aggressive one she’s used to. Now the doctor has commanded that he wank, and sure enough he obeys without hesitating. It looks like Alex will be cured of much more than just smoking! He’ll be the perfect advertisement for the clinic’s services…

CfnmTV - Cravings
CfnmTV - Cravings
CfnmTV - Cravings


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