CfnmTV – CFNM Wars 5-6

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CfnmTV - CFNM Wars 5-6
CfnmTV - CFNM Wars 5-6


ROUND 5: Richard, Obinna & Lukas – The three men have barely had time to recover from the “Pony Racing” before they are led back into the gaze of the cameras. Their triumphs and failures as well as their embarrassing nudity are broadcast live to the viewers at home. They now have to focus on keeping the weighted buckets above a certain level and ignore the wandering hands of the women. They are all determined, but for some the stimulation from being surrounded and groped by the confident ladies will prove to be too much to bear.

ROUND 6: Edward, Tony & Nathan – The rivalry between the contestants is palpable. Having come this far none of them wants to risk dropping out of the contest. But the women delight in making things hard for them. They know just how to stimulate a naked man and distract him from the task in hand. With their arms straining to keep the heavy buckets up, it takes intense concentration to try and ignore as their nipples are tweaked and genitals are fondled.

CfnmTV - CFNM Wars 5-6
CfnmTV - CFNM Wars 5-6


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