CfnmTV – CFNM Academy – Teacher training

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CfnmTV - CFNM Academy - Teacher training


EPISODE 1: Jonathan Wilson is desperate to teach at the CFNM Academy. He knows full well such a position will further his career and mean a much better salary. But he’s surprised to learn that these days, the female students are also involved in the interview process. And these girls have very exacting standards. Encouraged by their teacher they perform the most intimate of examinations that leaves the bewildered male teacher completely naked and thoroughly humiliated. Not to mention ending up with a red raw arse…

EPISODE 2: As the girls get ever more excited, they throw themselves into the task of assessing Mr. Wilson’s suitability as a teacher. In a reversal of the normal roles, it is he who must obey the giggling students and submit to their every whim. Having stripped him of his smart suit, they now intend to test his pain threshold. After all, how can he possibly expect to get the respect of his class if he cannot take a finger or two up his arse? The poor man wonders if all this pain and humiliation is really worth it…

EPISODE 3: Things aren’t going well for Mr. Wilson. He’s shy by nature and the girls have very quickly taken advantage of him. They’ve already completely humiliated him: first stripping him of his clothes, then shoving things up his arse. But they still aren’t finished and now turn their attentions to his cock and balls. They toy with his privates, pulling them about and teasing his ever hardening penis. The poor man is completely overwhelmed and powerless to resist them. He can see now if he gets the job he’ll be milked by the demanding girls on a regular basis.

CfnmTV - CFNM Academy - Teacher training
CfnmTV - CFNM Academy - Teacher training
CfnmTV - CFNM Academy - Teacher training


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