CfnmTV – CFNM Academy – Male anatomy for girls

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CfnmTV - CFNM Academy - Male anatomy for girls


EPISODE 1: Lottery winner Steve Curtis is desperate to get his son into the CFNM Academy. So much so that he readily agrees to assist in the teacher’s lesson. After all, how difficult can it be? But this is a male anatomy lesson and the hapless man quickly finds himself stripped of all his clothes and stark naked. Surrounded by giggling and inquisitive schoolgirls and the domineering teacher, every inch of his body is thoroughly scrutinised and played with. The poor fool has no choice but to grin and bear it as his treatment gets ever more humiliating.

EPISODE 2: Mr Curtis will do anything to get his son accepted into this prestigious establishment but his endurance is about to be pushed to the limit. It’s one thing to be naked and examined by the eager girls but having his g-spot probed may well prove too much to bear. For a proud working class man, having anything shoved up his arse is the ultimate humiliation. But down on his hands and knees with the commanding teacher and her laughing pupils mauling his naked body – he has little option but to comply.

EPISODE 3: All throughout the ordeal, Mr Curtis has said he would do anything the teacher commands. The confident woman and her curious students have used this to their advantage and had a great time exploring and abusing his rough, athletic body. Now they get to the best part, grabbing his throbbing cock and milking him of spunk – a task they throw themselves into with great gusto. The poor man is clearly regretting his offer but things are now totally out of his control.

CfnmTV - CFNM Academy - Male anatomy for girls
CfnmTV - CFNM Academy - Male anatomy for girls
CfnmTV - CFNM Academy - Male anatomy for girls


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