CfnmTV – CFNM Academy – Detention for bad girls

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CfnmTV - CFNM Academy - Detention for bad girls


EPISODE 1: When hunky rugby player Tom turns up late for detention, the strict Miss West decides he deserves extra punishment. She will not tolerate disobedience especially from a dirty, sweaty boy who hasn’t even had the decency to shave! He soon learns an important lesson as the teacher and schoolgirls strip him, slap his penis and testicles with rulers, cane his bare backside and shove him onto the floor. This proud, macho lad soon realises that at the CFNM Academy the women are most definitely in charge.

EPISODE 2: The usual practice in detention is for students to sit writing lines. But having arrived late, Miss West decides Tom deserves a far harsher punishment. The giggling schoolgirls have already stripped him and spanked his arse till it’s red – but the tough teacher doesn’t intend to stop there. She decides a more invasive examination of his anus is the order of the day. The delighted girls eagerly probe him with their fingers and much to his horror, one of them pulls out a very large dildo…

EPISODE 3: Tom’s endurance is about to be tested further. He’s survived the discomfort of being anally violated but now has the challenge of providing the girls with what they want most – a semen sample. With the girls surrounding him grabbing and yanking on his healthy young cock, he’s definitely feeling the pressure. But he knows a far worse fate awaits him if he doesn’t do exactly as the stern teacher commands.

CfnmTV - CFNM Academy - Detention for bad girls
CfnmTV - CFNM Academy - Detention for bad girls
CfnmTV - CFNM Academy - Detention for bad girls


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