Ella Kross – Relentlessly Kicking And Stomping My Slave’s Balls

Today I’m going to punish my slave by kicking his balls in. I want to hear him scream, and I won’t stop until he’s crying in agony. As he stands naked before me with his legs spread, I slap him across the face and begin kicking him directly in the nuts. He groans and buckles in pain, but I’m not showing this jerk any mercy. When he falls to his knees in misery, I move behind him and continue delivering painful blows to his delicate balls. How much abuse can his testicles take? I’m determined to find out, and won’t be stopping anytime soon. I make him kiss the same bare feet that were just kicking his nuts in, then resume kicking him before standing on him to trample his dick. You’ll feel every horrible blow as I relentlessly torture this slave’s cock and balls!

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