Ella Kross – Punching and Choking This Stupid Jerk!

How much abuse can this idiot take? Anne and I are about to find out as we begin beating the crap out of him. We closed fists we take turns pummeling his abdomen while he flinches and groans in pain. We don’t hold back, punching him hard and fast and laughing at his misery. Tossing him on the bed, I clamp my powerful thighs around his neck and choke him while Anne teases him by rubbing his dick. He doesn’t know whether to pass out or cum as we confuse his senses. It’s my turn to play with his cock, and I take it gently in my hand as Anne strangles him with her legs. Returning to his exposed stomach, we resume punching him while he squirms in agony beneath us like a girly loser! We love seeing him in so much pain.

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