Ella Kross – Brutally Squeezing and Stomping My Slave`s Nuts!

Ella Kross - Brutally Squeezing and Stomping My Slave`s Nuts!

Today we`re going to find out how much squeezing and trampling thisslave`s balls can handle. As he stands before me completely naked, I usemy incredible strength to grip his balls and squeeze them tightly while hewinces in pain. With a sudden turn of my hand I twist his nuts, and as hecries out in pain I refuse to let go. Instead, I laugh hysterically at hismisery and make the loser thank me as I latch onto his tender balls againand squeeze as hard as I can. If he thinks this is bad, it`s nothingcompared to what`s next. I make him place his balls on the side of myjacuzzi, then proceed to step on them with my bare foot. You`d think hisballs were grapes and I was trying to make wine as I repeatedly smash themunder my toes. He sounds like a little girl as he screams but I show nomercy and continue to stomp on them while laughing at the torment I`mputting him through. How much abuse can this loser`s testicles take? Theyjust may explode as I use my heel to grind them with all of my might. Ifhe ever has kids, they`ll likely be retarded after this!

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