Clubstiletto – Spread Your Legs

Bound into a stock, Miss Jasmine and Mistress Kandy have this slave right where they want him and when they are together they can get down right cruel. Jasmine tells Kandy that this slave is quite masochistic and Kandy brightens right up in anticipation of what is about to happen. The girls start out with a few warm up strokes across his cock and balls. “Does he generally leave here and begging for more?”, Kandy asks. When Jasmine replies yes, Kandy suggests they should give him what he wants then and the intensity picks up as one strokes him, then the next, from his ass, to his cock, to his balls. The slave starts to squirm and squeal a bit and Jasmine says, “I want to beat his cock until her gets hard.” The blows are moderate but steady and a warm up to what lays ahead. Jasmine then steps back and lands a solid kick to his nuts, followed by Kandy who reaches in and starts yanking on the hair on his legs, literally pulling it out. Kandy makes him spread his legs wide and they both start to give him upper blows with their canes, each swipe across his testicles. Then things start to get more intense as they start to slap his nuts and also kick them. They feed off each other and delight in the slaves discomfort. Jasmine starts to punch his balls while Kandy continues to use her crop. This is pretty much nine straight minutes of kicking, pulling, cropping, and punching the slaves nuts and cock and no matter how much he squirms and even pleads for it to stop the girls just keep inflicting pain on him. Near the end they do turn him around and decide to take their crops to his ass as well. He jumps to escape the pain but it’s hopeless and results as he slumps with his neck pressed against the stock. They pull him back to his feet but only to turn him around so they can start to squeeze and pull on his cock and balls, This is a serious beatdown with major emphasis on the slaves cock and balls.
Mistress: Miss Jasmine, Mistress Kandy

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