Clubstiletto – Miss XI – Freshly Fucked Ball Buster

As Miss Xi lies in bed, freshly fucked by her stud, she hollers at her slave to get out of the closet and fetch her some water. She asks the slave if he tied her boyfriend’s shoelaces and thanked him for servicing her before he left. The slave replies, “Yes, Miss.” Xi is ready to inflict some serious pain on her slave now, and as she starts to kick him, she asks if he remembers how many orgasms she had. “Four or five?” he says, desperately hoping he hasn’t miscounted. She tells him he’s getting good at this game and orders him out to the hallway, where she secures him to the stairway railing. What follows next is five hot minutes of ball pulling, twisting, slapping, and harsh kicking. Although Miss Xi is small, she’s extremely sadistic, and when she kicks it’s with purpose. There are some great angles from below and you get to see the slave’s nuts get brutally abused. Near the end the lovely Miss Xi frees her slave from the rail to stand in front of her, where she not only kicks him in the balls, but knees him there as well. If ballbusting turns you on, especially at the hands of an Asian Princess, then you will love this clip.

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