Ella Kross – Torturing a Pathetic Police Officer with Tessa!

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Ella Kross - Torturing a Pathetic Police Officer with Tessa!
Ella Kross
Goddess Tessa


I’m relaxing at home with my daughter when we’re suddenly interrupted by a knock on the door. It’s a cop, and he’s investigating complaints from our neighbors of partying and scantily clad women coming in and out of our home at all hours of the day. He wants to know if we’re up to anything illegal, and we’re understandably irate by the accusations. It’s not against the law to dress slutty, I remind the loser, and I assure him that our residence is completely above-board as I casually lock the front door and trap the man inside with us. I give him permission to search the place, and he makes the mistake of taking us up on our offer for a glass of water. Little does he know we’ve just drugged him, and as he loses lucidity we laugh at the moron and begin having some fun with him. Tessa, wears his police cap as I take a seat in his lap and set him straight. “Who do you think you are?” I ask before making him get on his knees and repeatedly slapping him across the face. I abuse this pig by kicking him in the balls while Tessa holds his arms behind his back like my good little girl. Pushing him down on the floor, I sit on his face and smother him with my crotch while Tessa steps all over him, mashing his cock in with her high-heels. After pulling his pants down and shirt up, I sit on his lap while Tessa sits on his face and suffocates him with her ass. I punch him in the stomach over and over again and we laugh as he squirms around while crying out in pain. This is one team you don’t want to fuck with, and we could care less if you’re a cop! We bash his crotch in, trample him, and smother him while laughing maniacally at his agony.

Ella Kross - Torturing a Pathetic Police Officer with Tessa!


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