Ella Kross – Cruel Sounding

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Ella Kross - Cruel Sounding
Ella Kross


I`m going to torture this slave`s cock and balls today, and I do so bytightly binding them with string as he lays naked on my coffee table. Withthe string restricting the blood flow to his testicles, I kick things up anotch by grabbing a thin, metal rod and sliding it into his urethra. Ilube it up and insert the metal shaft in and out of his pee hole, workingit deeper and deeper inside of him and seeing just how far it will go. Hedoes a surprisingly good job taking this rod, so I switch to a bigger oneand jam it into his cock as he attempts to remain still while groaning indiscomfort. I laugh as I slide the thick metal rod in and out of hisurethra; a new experience for me and a miserable one for him! Over andover again I shove the metal into his pee hole while he lays defenselessbelow me and takes my demented abuse.

Ella Kross - Cruel Sounding


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