Ella Kross – Balls Crushed!

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Ella Kross - Balls Crushed!
Ella Kross


Joined by the leggy young Tessa Ray, we make this stupid jerk spread his legs and take turns kicking him directly in the crotch. He buckles in pain as we bash his balls in, circling him like sharks as we laugh and continue randomly kicking him. “Take off your clothes!” I bark and this pathetic moron wastes no time doing as told. We decide he might be able to handle the abuse to his delicate balls a bit better if he can see Tessa’s tits, so I lift her shirt to give him a show and we resume delivering painful blows to his crotch. Despite the agony, the pervert still manages to get a hard-on thanks to Tessa’s perky, young breasts. Over and over again we confuse his senses by brutally kicking his balls and pausing long enough to gently rub his cock. He doesn’t know whether to cry or cum as Tessa teases him with her tight body in between bashing his balls in. When he falls to the floor naked and in pain, Tessa and I trample him by walking all over him with our bare feet while he cries in agony like a little girl. He can cry all he wants but we’re nowhere near finished with him!

Tessa Ray


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