Clubstiletto – New Toh5ture Technique: Cockboarding

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Clubstiletto - New Toh5ture Technique: Cockboarding
A certain presidential candidate has been touting the waterboarding technique as an effective way to get individuals to talk, but Mistress Jasmine has a better way: Cock boarding. The slave is trapped beneath a platform with his family jewels protruding in the most vulnerable way, and all a person has to do is apply some pressure to the cock and balls. Jasmine digs in her sky-high heels first, then she digs in with her bare feet; the balls of the feet and a pointed toe. Though the slave is noticeably squirming and makes high pitched sounds, he still does not reveal the password she is after. So she breaks out the urethral sounds- another way to deeply and painfully stimulate the cock! But still the slave remains mum. Finally, Jasmine puts her heels back on, leaves the sound in his dick and sinks her stiletto in his balls. The magic combination makes him talk. Much more effective than waterboarding!
Mistress: Miss Jasmine

Clubstiletto - New Toh5ture Technique: Cockboarding
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