Clubstiletto – Bashing His Desensitized Balls

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Clubstiletto - Bashing His Desensitized Balls
Clubstiletto - Bashing His Desensitized Balls
Jasmine knows that slave has been masturbating up a storm lately and his cock and balls are desensitized from watching porn for hours. She decides to do him a favour and beat them back into shape so he can feel again. He has a bungee cord tied to his cock and balls and She starts by leading him around, pulling on them and even using the cord as a workout cable. She slaps his balls, squeezing, kicking, & kneeing him, while in heels, then switches to harder kicks barefoot because She really wants to hear and feel the impact against Her feet. She makes slave worship Her feet and then decides to turn it up a notch and kick knee and squeeze him even harder. His wailing turns Her on and she feels little pity. After all, his cock belongs to Her and it amuses Her to see it get hard during all this abuse. When he drops to the ground She continues to kick him. She even tramples him barefoot on the balls, putting Her entire body weight where it hurts the most. She ends by dropping him (again) to the ground with a solid kick and informs him that the bungee cord is going back on. It seems he’s finally got his feeling back.
Mistress: Miss Jasmine

Clubstiletto - Bashing His Desensitized Balls
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