AmericanMeanGirls – Shocking Piggie Slave

Poor fat piggie slave. We are staying at the Mean Girl Desert Compund, and he is serving us during our stay- and we are sooo mean to him! But for me n Chanel its just kinda natural for us to be mean to fat, ugly people…lol. Chanel teases him with her feet, and the poor fatty is like sooo desperate just to kiss them! She dangles her shoe in front of his face, and he just starts drooling like the pig he is. And we mock him because we think it is SOO funny that Goddess Platinum is keeping him in chastity literally 24/7 now! Can you imagine NEVER being allowed to touch yourself or cum without someone else’s permission? That is just so pathetic.

We ask him if he wants to be unlocked from that thing that Platinum locked on him? Of course he says YES and starts like literally BEGGING for us to unlock him! Chanel has his chastity key (given to her by Goddess Platinum when we checked in) down inside her shoe! OMG how humiliating. His fat ass has his own dick locked up so he can’t even touch it- and Chanel was literally walking around with it DOWN IN THE TOE OF HER SHOE all day! Like we seriously don’t care. We unlock him and fatso is so grateful- but we have a surprise for him! We have a fully-charged, industrial-strength BALLSHOCKER all ready to attach to his balls in the place of his chastity cage! This is gona be SO fun! Soon we are taking turns shocking the slave’s balls and laughing our asses off while he flops around on the floor at our feet! (He looks like that thing really must be painful?) The more he kisses Chanel’s feet, the more shocks he gets.

We want to see how many shocks he will take just to kiss Chanel’s feet. (OMG it is like SO pathetic!!) We even make it put on a pig nose and “OINK” for us while it kisses our feet and we shock it!! And we keep increasing the voltage to its nuts too! This is so humiliating AND painful for the slave- but it keeps taking it, until we crank the ballshocker all the way up to “15”… By the end of the video, the slave is literally BEGGING to be put back into chastity! HAHA. Which we gladly agree to do. BUT it will be with an extra surprise for the slave…after all, we agreed to put it back into chastity- but we never said that meant that we would be taking the ballshocker OFF!! LOL Oh, and we met Princess Skylar while we were there- she made a “guest appearance” in our video and helped us torment piggie-slave’s balls! That was so nice of her.

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