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FemmeFataleFilms – Smoked and Waxed – Goddess Jenilee

Goddess Jenilee makes her smoking hot debut for FFF with a movie which left the slave wanting a great deal more, despite the challenging ordeal she put him through! Knowing the slave was a non smoker with a loathing for smokers, Goddess Jenilee took great delight in making him breathe her smoke and eat her ash, although she did feed him plenty of her spit to help wash it all down. Once her smoke break was done, it was time to coat the slave’s entire body in hot wax, making sure to get the hot stuff in every crevice! Four candles simultaneously dripping the hot wax meant it didn’t take her long to wax coat him and it didn’t take him long to start crying out in agony…
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FemmeFataleFilms – Making you my Addict – Miss Zoe

This addiction of yours is getting out of hand, but I’m here to hook you up even more… I’m going to look after you in my own special way. So get on your knees slave and satisfy that craving you have to breathe deep when I tell you too, to inhale when I tell you too, to then take my ash and my spit. It’s what you need, it’s who you are. I love weak and pathetic men at my boots. Do as you’re told, fall apart in a dizzy haze, surrender all control to me and we’ll get along just fine.
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Lady Estelle – Tease and Fuck

An absolute Nasty Tease and Denial Session with a very long Ass fuck for the bound Slave is the Game. His big Dick is so horny and his Mistress promise him everything inc. a Gangbang with her and some other Girls when he will endure this Anal treatment… Well the Problem is she is the Goddess and he just the Fucktoy.
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American Mean Girls – Efficient Uses of Slaves

Princess Carmela and Princess Bella decide it’s time for a smoke break. The Mean Girls have most of their outdoor furniture put away for the season, so they have no table or ashtrays available outside. But with slaves around, that’s not a problem. Princess Bella and Princess Carmela make their slaves kneel before them so they can use them as their human ashtrays.
The slaves are commanded to open their mouths and both Princesses ash directly onto their slave’s tongues as they make fun of them and belittle them for being such losers that they are literally used as other peoples’ ashtrays! Princess Bella slaps her slave in the face repeatedly- just because she can. Princess Carmela flicks her ashes right onto the top of her old slave’s head- right onto his bald spot and thenspits directly into his mouth.
The Princesses stub their lit cigarettes out directly on their slaves tongue and then toss the whole butt into their mouths like its nothing. Princess Bella screams at her slave to “Swallow it Bitch!” She then instructs the slave to chew it all up and open his mouth so she can see that it’s all gone. Princess Carmela and Princess Bella laugh about how this can’t be healthy for the slaves but they really don’t care. A slave’s life (and health) mean nothing to them. Slaves are inferior creatures, and as such they deserve to be driven into an early grave by superior, beautiful young princesses like them! Even if it is just for their entertainment!
This clip accurately demonstrates exactly how we Mean Girls view slaves. We see them as nothing but losers (basically subhuman “things”) that can be used for anything we want- and that they should be grateful to serve any purpose for a superior hot young girl!
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American Mean Girls – Degrading Dinner Ritual

Empress Jennifer enters Her Throne Room, and a collared/ball-gagged slave is in its cage waiting for her. You open it & he crawls out. You kick his balls a few times for fun, give him some face slaps and then spit right into his face. You take out the ballgag and the slave kisses your boots and licks the soles. Then you spit on the floor a couple of times and purposely step on it for him to lick off the sole of your boot. Next is feeding time. You take baby food & mix it in a bowl and spit heavily into it. Now you dump it onto the floor and make traces with the food on the floor with your boots for the slave to lick up. During the feeding, you snap your fingers a couple of times. At every 1st snip the slave must stop eating, you spit into his mouth & slap his face. At the 2nd snap, he continues to lick the food off the floor & you put your boot on his head till the food is all eaten. Then you lead him on the leash back into his cage. Slave-feeding time at Mean Girl Manor is over!
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Synfulx Pleasure – Remember what you are, worm!

Sometimes slaves need a firm reminder of their inferiority. And that’s just what Mistress Synful gives to hers, along with her spit. Verbally humiliating her slave and degrading every inch of him while she spits in his face, she sits gracefully poised upon her throne while looking down upon him. She reinforces her cruel words with hard slaps to the face, repeatedly for her viewing pleasure. All he is, is a worm. And he will never forget it.
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Clubstiletto – Stifle His Screams With Your Ass

Miss Xi and Russian Queen M are again mocking their slave for his small cock. M flogs it as well as his nipples while Miss Xi shows her disdain for him by digging her heel into his cock and balls and also uses her crop on his small member. In the presence of two beautiful women you’d think he’d have a raging boner but no it’s all shrivelled up like a miniature snail. They tell him the cock is of no use to anyone and measure it against the crop and heel. Xi kicks him and then they make him beg to have M sit on his face. His pleas are not satisfactory so they hurt him some more. “Maybe I should fart on your instead?” Queen M suggests, and they laugh when the slave replies “Yes Mistress.” This worm would enjoy nothing more than having his head enveloped in a nasty fart cloud. They then have a countdown to sitting on his face which makes the slave nervous as he can’t take his eyes off of Xi’s stilettos suspecting she will kick him at the same time… and he is right. They do it again because it was so much fun the first time. This clip does not lack in slave punishment and severe small penis humiliation so if you imagine being punished and debased at the hands of multiple women you will not want to miss this clip.
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Mistress Kennya – Introducing My toilet boy

You all know I have many toilet slaves and I use them quite often. Tonight My friend Gaia is visiting so I am introducing them in preparation for use later on. He is so lucky to serve Us, smiling like a bitch and getting hard in his little chastity.
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Astro Domina – NEVER ENOUGH feat AstroDomina

Goddess Sydney has allowed her lowly sub to spend some time with her today. He kneels in front of her while she sits on her throne. Tribute in hand, Sydney counts the money and is furious that he only brought $500 in cash. She had explicitly told him to bring enough to impress her. And this isn’t cutting it. So obviously, if he’s trying to insult the Goddess, there will be hell to pay. Sydney starts with a big slap to his face. After that she spits in his face and makes him lick it all. It’s obvious she’s disappointed in his lack of devotion. What a failure. Sydney gives her sub two choices. Either get her a much bigger tribute or get shut out of her world forever. It’s going to take a way bigger tribute than $500 to get back in her good graces. After a good yelling to and another slap in the face, Sydney’s sub now miraculously has a way bigger tribute for the Goddess. She takes his money and allows him to kiss her feet for a bit. Satisfied with his improved level of devotion, Sydney drops the empty wallet on the floor and dismisses her sub.
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Femme Fatale Films – Ms Nikki – Only The Finest

Featuring Ms Nikki. Ms Nikki will only accept the very finest of slaves into her stable and this new applicant must endure a series of tests to prove his worth. She starts his initiation with a hard face slapping test, then covers his face in spit, before letting loose with her extensive range of whips, crops and canes.
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Clubstiletto – Lady Bellatrix – Swallow My Spit

Lady Bellatrix returns home from a hard day of shopping. It’s a hot summer’s day and she’s very thirsty. You, of course, have been in tow paying for the new items and carrying all the bags. “You must be parched” Bellatrix says, having denied you as much as a sip all day. She tells you she’s going to prepare a special drink just for you. She teases you with spit on her lips but sucks it back into her mouth. She slowly lets her sweet spit drip into the glass, teasing you with it each time, until you see the delectable liquid begin to rise higher in the glass. It’s so nice and frothy and you’re so thirsty! Bellatrix says she knows you would love to have it directly in your mouth, but you have to earn anything that intimate. She cracks open a soft drink and takes a couple of big gulps. She gurgles some it and spits that into the glass, too. She continues to spit until there’s a thick cocktail you absolutely long to drink. She calls you pathetic because she can see how erect you’re getting. By the time she’s teased you with all her spit, the glass is almost half full. She picks it up and has you open your mouth. Drink it all…
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Girls Femdom – Berty wants to play with her beloved slave

Berty wants to play with her beloved slave. She wants to relax and give pleasure to the slave. The slave likes to be humiliated, strangled. He loves when his whole face is covered with the hot saliva of the Mistress. Berty ties his legs and completely immobilizes him. The guy soon wants to get the sweet saliva of the Mistress, but Berty wants to play with him first. She sits on his face until the guy starts to really choke and twitch. When Berty is already full, she begins to scratch the body of her slave and spit all over his dirty face.
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Men Are Slaves – From Mischa’s Mouth

This slave is all excited because he gets to consume liquid waste directly from Goddess Mischa’s mouth. How lucky can he get? It just goes to show that enduring endless toil and humiliation is eventually rewarded, even for slaves.
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