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Clubdom – Vanessa Cage Caning

Vanessa Cage has her slave bent over, hands restrained over the horse…At her complete MERCY! She asks him if he wants to be caned, and not being able to resist his blonde haired Goddess, he easily succumbs to her desires, all of which are encompassed by one evil idea, his suffering!! Vanessa Cage is giggling as you hear the cane slicing through the air, chuckling at his predicament. The slave tries to squiggle and squirm in a feeble and futile attempt at escaping the vicious sting of the Cane. He is at her mercy, captivated by her beauty, her power, and her patent leather thigh high boots. After his beat down, he is reminded that he is nothing more than owned property, there for his Goddess’ pleasure and amusement, as she chuckles and promises to repeat his caning after her lunch.
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KinkyMistresses – Whipped In Berlin – Mistress Courtney

Mistress Courtney is visiting the famous dungen “Avalon” in Berlin. Her private british Slave accompanies her and on the first day in the dungeon she love´s to try some germen whips on his ass
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DivineBitches – June 5, 2018 – Eliza Jane, Pierce Paris

Date Night: Eliza Jane Stuffs Pierce Paris’ Balls in His Ass. Couple Eliza Jane and Pierce Paris finally have a night off together! Eliza really wants tonight to be special and orders new toys to try out with Pierce. Pierce is hesitant at first, but will try anything for Eliza. He strips for her, revealing his toned fit body. After he’s naked, Eliza slaps handcuffs on him and bends him over her knee. Pierce is shocked as Eliza begins spanking him — hard! He’s even more surprised that he kind of likes it. Eliza then begins to trail her petite feet along his body. When her feet land on his cock, Eliza decides it’s time to for more pain. She kicks Pierce in his balls over and over again. Pierce moans as Eliza’s petite feet bust his balls, and Eliza is delighted. She’s never had so much fun! She loves treating her boyfriend like a piece of meat. She sits on his face and uses his mouth to pleasure herself before sinking her pretty teeth into his big fat cock. Next, she zip ties him down and flogs him all over his ass and back. She slides her fat cock into his open mouth. Pierce swallows every inch of her fat cock, getting it all wet for his ass. Eliza splits Pierce’s ass open with her strap on, thrusting relentlessly as she pounds Pierce’s asshole. Once his ass is stretched wide, she fist fucks his slutty ass before stuffing both his balls into his ass. After his balls are inserted, she pushes her fist inside, fisting him while holding his own balls in her hand. But Eliza isn’t done yet. She fits Pierce with a strap-on gag and fucks his face as she tugs on his nipple clamps with a leash. Once she’s satisfied, Eliza uses her petite feet to jerk off Pierce. He cums hard, covering her toes in sticky cum. Eliza grabs his dick and furiously keeps jacking Pierce off until he cums again.
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Clubdom – Megan Jones and her gorgeous friend Sophie

Megan Jones and her gorgeous friend Sophie decide that it’s time for a nice thorough whipping of their slave. They need to get the slave to the point where he is begging. Will he beg for them to stop? The women do not know but they want to find out and see.
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FemmeFataleFilms – Cruel Confinement – Mistress Vixen

The slave has been condemned to wearing a chastity device for what seems like an eternity, however Mistress Vixen gives him the glimmer of hope that he might be released if he can take fifty strokes of the cane. He has little choice but to accept the cruel conditional release and so the ordeal begins… but not with the cane at first. The first weapon of Mistress Vixen’s choice is the heavy flogger, followed by a viciously wielded single tail whip, paddle, crop and then finally the cane! The slave gets an extreme beating long before the cane is adopted and in true sadistic fashion, it’s clear that Mistress Vixen loves every moment of his suffering!
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FemmeFataleFilms – Brutal Bastinado – Mistress Lady Renee

It’s rare to see bastinado done with any great force and for that matter precision, for the simple reason the victim will usually be unable to take the extreme levels of pain and will need to stop and limp away! In this session, Mistress Lady Renee devised a simple yet effective method for preventing her slave from getting away! This allowed her to give the slave the beating of his life with sadistic accuracy right on the sensitive soles of his feet. A gem of a session depicting extreme FemDom in it’s purist form.
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Clubdom – Stella Liberty Slaps Her Bitch

Stella Liberty and her two potential slaves have moved outdoors, to the beautiful indoor pool. While toiling away for their Mistress, Stella decides that it is now time to test the sissy slave. Dragging him to the dungeon, her quest to test his worthiness begins with a simple question…What can you do for me as my slave? Of course, Stella is not satisfied with his textbook answer and explains that she is longer for something much different. Stella, knowing this sissy slave would crumble under her harsh treatment slowly toys with her prey, using him as a spittoon and slapping his face. She literally takes her gloves off, and works this sissy over.
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Clubdom – Stella Liberty Whips

Stella Liberty has decided to ready her whip, which is bad news for the pain slave. He is locked up, exposed, and mentally tormented with the upcoming whipping. Stella once again shows the pain slave no mercy. Heartlessly carving up his back, questioning the slave’s desire to be her property, Stella continues her incessant testing of this slave. With the severe flagellation, the slave shakes not only with trepidation, but also due to the merciless beating that pushes his limits. Has Stella Liberty decided which slave to keep yet?
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Kinky Mistresses – Spanked By Tressa

Over knee spanking with Miss Tressa. She is spanking her kinky fetish slave till his ass is red and burning and she is very pleased that her Slave is styled with this lovely red ballet boots
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Dirty Dommes – Double bondage whipping

Lady Mephista and I make a great sadistic team! She has tied up her male slave so he can barely move, his nipples pinched by pegs and his ass ready for a good whipping! We take turns on his buttocks with our floggers and whips and turn his ass cheeks from pale to bright red… We really enjoy ourselves by punishing him and making him suffer.
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Clubstiletto – FemDom Office Beatdown

Ruby and Kandy have recently taken over FemCorp and have blackmailed the CEO and Accountant into becoming their slaves and whipping boys. Seems there has been some cooking of the books so today the ladies are going to find out where the missing funds are. The accountant is firmly secured to the discipline bench while the CEO is locked up in his cage. Ruby starts to paddle the bound slave and says she hopes his wife hasn’t been using the money to hire studs to make up for his little cock. “We will find out where the money went” Kandy assures him and Ruby suggests that maybe they will make his wife one of their slaves as well.
Now Kandy grabs a paddle as well and both ladies start to work his ass. Kandy mocks the other slave in the cage and points out his blowjob bib. What a fall from grace. Neither slaves have much to say so Kandy goes over and interrogates the ex-CEO and also encourages him to speak by flogging his face. One way or another one of these slaves will break and with the women in charge pretty soon the company will be back in the black. Hand spanking, cropping, verbal humiliation, interrogation, bondage, office domination.
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American Mean Girls – The Mean Girls – Clothespins Whipoff

Princess Ashley and I wanted to play a game with this stupid slave. We get bored easy so we made a game where we stick him like a pig with colored clothespins and then whip the sh*t out of him till they fall off! The loser is supposed to keep count of who gets more. We beat his ass with our crops so bad that he’s actually squealing and crying on the floor at the end. LOL I don’t think he cares who wins, he just wants the game to be over so we stop hurting him.
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