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KinkyMistresses – The Spanked Slave Girl – Cupcake Sinclair

Cupcake Sinclair has been warned time and time again about her short skirts. She continues to wear them to entice the boys and Andrea Untamed is going to take advantage of her short little skirt wearing ass. Since her skirt barely covers her bottom Ms Andrea decides to spank what is showing. Demanding she get on the spanking horse, ass out and ready for her punishment.
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Clubdom – Janna Hicks Punished Spanking Bitch

Janna Hicks is fed up with her mouthy slut. He is due for a spanking. Plain and, simple. She brings out a wooden paddle and, blisters his ass, turning it from pure white to cherry red. As the slut whimpers, Miss Janna decides he hasn’t quite learned his lesson. She puts anal beads in his ass. She begins pulling the beads out, one by one, with every stroke of the paddle. This boy needs to learn his lesson and, Janna is kind enough to help him through.
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Extraordinary excitement, sensually sadistic, physically pleasurable. My dear gentleman experienced the most intense few hours, from the moment of when he left his humble abode to entering my imposing black wrought iron gates, until the moment when I swung open my door!

Another journey into a world of decadent erotica, playing mind games, while teasing his little penis. There’s never a moment that’s left unfulfilled. My slave endures a myriad of deeply mind blowing sensations, while under my influence and control. One would say, he’s an open book, ready and willing to take whatever I decide to give. From leather worship, to breast worship. Having him bent over my whipping bench for a thoroughly pleasing face fucking. I know what you want, just as I know what my slave wants.
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SubbyHubby – Becoming Vanessa’s Servant (Entire Movie)

Goddess Vanessa has put out an advertisement for a new servant. Today, the first applicant is coming to Vanessa’s estate for an interview. The potential servant named Gabe enters Vanessa’s house and introduces himself. Vanessa informs him that her servants should be on their knees and that his name is now “the bitch”, Gabe doesn’t exist anymore. Goddess Vanessa goes on to explain that the bitch will have to pass all of her tests to become her servant. He will have to go through six phases of training. In addition to the $1000 that he has already sent, he will have to send an additional $200 after every phase of training. Then maybe he will be accepted as Vanessa’s servant. Maybe not! Once the bitch accepts Vanessa’s terms, the training begins! He will be smothered by Vanessa’s ass, forced to breathe in her scent. He will have to worship her feet and smell her shoes. Sucking, licking and rubbing Vanessa’s feet for as long as she wants. He will be forced to dress like a sissy. Complete with a slutty wig, lipstick, lingerie and stockings. The bitch will have to take the pain from Goddess Vanessa’s paddle. He will not only have to take the pain but he will have to beg for it. He will be humiliated by having his asshole completely stretched open by a giant butt plug. Finally, the bitch will take Vanessa big cock. The slut will have to swallow every inch of her giant dick. His ass will be trained to swallow her cock. He will have to beg for her cock through his tears of pain. Lastly he will have to clean his filth off his Goddess’s cock with his tongue. After all that pain, suffering and humiliation. After spending every dime that he has on his Goddess. He might become her servant.
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Clubstiletto – Mistress Irene – It’s Quite Satisfying

Mistress Irene is doing some work in the kitchen. She has a big turkey on the kitchen island in the form of a human slave. While you typically don’t tenderize turkey in this case it is applicable. She starts with a fiber glass crop and the poor slave is soon whining and wailing but as he is totally bound he isn’t going anywhere. Now Irene switches to a metal equestrian crop and she strokes a lot harder but the slave finds this more bearable although the sound might give you the impression it is a lot worse than the first instrument. She flogs the slaves butt and legs as he lies on the cold counter.

Harder and harder she strikes and then it’s time for a leather crop. She goes hard and you can hear the rushing air as she brings it down on him again and again until he starts to cry and whimper for mercy. The slaves ass is starting to look pretty battered and bruised, gorgeous tram lines, but Irene isn’t done yet. Finally she switches to a British rattan cane and the punishment continues. What a sweet sound it makes and the slaves squealing only makes Irene laugh with delight. Irene’s big breasts fall out of her top as you see her bra and beautiful breast cleavage. Now the slave is legitimately crying but Irene knows if you spare the rod you spoil the slave and she just can’t have that. At the end the camera scans the slaves legs and ass so you can see what he has been subjected to and you can decide if you’re ‘man’ enough to see Irene for a session yourself.
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DivineBitches – Feb 26, 2019 – Cherie DeVille, Ruckus

Reverse Abduction: Cherie DeVille outwits her captor and takes control

The tables are turned on kidnapper Ruckus as damsel in distress Cherie DeVille breaks free from her bonds! Cherie tells Ruckus she’ll pay him directly, but first they have to fake her second abduction so Ruckus won’t get in any hot water with his boss. To really sell this story, Cherie knows she’ll have to rough Ruckus up real good. She ties him up, clamps his nipples, gags him with rope, and breaks out some implements to get down to business. She starts flogging him, but the flogger just isn’t leaving impressive enough marks so she uses a leather slapper and a cane to really get his skin nice and red. Ruckus cries out in pain, rethinking this plan, but it’s too late now. He’s already at the mercy of Cherie DeVille and his cock is leaking pre-cum as Cherie gets at every exposed piece of skin. The next step in an good abduction, as Cherie knows, is wrecking the victim — sexually. Cherie straps on a long fat hard cock and stretches Ruckus’ ass open. She fucks him, jerks his cock, and punches his chest until he admits he’s a slut for her dick and begs to cum. Ruckus is so desperate, but no one cums before Cherie! She rides his face voraciously while cropping his body and Ruckus struggles to breathe while pleasing his captor. Unsatisfied with his oral skills, Cherie turns her attention to his hard cock. She rides it to multiple orgasms as Ruckus quivers beneath her before making him beg to cum. She teases his cock and pushes a vibrator into his balls. She finally lets him blow his load and wipes it off with her stocking-clad feet before making him lick her stockings clean.
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KinkyMistresses – Corporal Punishment – Miss Maya Sinstress

Mistress Maya Sinstress likes to play bit with the ass of her Slave befor she start´s to play in her medical room with the real kinky game. What he prefer? Her hand, a hairbrush? or something else to be punished?
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KinkyMistresses – Happy Valentine´s Day

Happy Valentine´s day,…. Mistress Kiana and Goerness Painless having amazing fun with her valentine gift. But of course the ladies love´s to prepare the gift a bit with whips, canes, ect
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SubbyHubby – Becoming Vanessa’s Servant Part 4: Paddling

Goddess Vanessa is checking her bank account and finds out that the bitch’s first two payments have cleared but the third one is still pending. Before the bitch can move on to the fourth phase of becoming Vanessa’s servant, the funds must clear. Goddess is going to stretch out her sissy’s ass but now she has decided to paddle his ass first. Goddess Vanessa has her sissified bitch bend over her office table to receive his beating. Using her leather paddle, Goddess Vanessa begins warming up her sissy’s ass. The bitch cries out in pain with each blow but Vanessa makes her sissy beg for more. Goddess Vanessa mercilessly beats her bitch’s ass until it is bright red. Now that ass is ready to be fucked! However, Vanessa informs her bitch that the terms have changed. The sissy will now have to pay $1000 for the honor of going to the next phase of getting his slut-hole pounded. And if he doesn’t complete all of the phases then he will be released. The bitch agrees to Vanessa’s terms. What other choice does he have?
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Clubdom – Mistress Crystal Punishes Her Bitches

Mistress Crystal Rush loves punishing her male bitches with pain and humiliation. Crystal starts by teasing her caged slave with her shock prod, laughing as he cringes at the site of the sparks on his cage. Crystal then zaps him a few times with the prod, mixed in with more teasing, until she decides to spank her other slave’s ass. Crystal amuses herself by making the slave count the strokes and thank her for the punishment she is dishing out.
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Lady Bellatrix relaxes on her easy chair on a bright sunny day, as she talks about the struggle to find adequate slaves to keep her mansion pristine. “You don’t need much mental power to clean, but it’s a struggle nonetheless,” she says, as she snaps her fingers to summon her latest bitch. He crawls in naked, wearing only a maid’s cap and carrying a duster in his mouth. She points out the dusty TV stand and immediately puts him to work. He gets busy, using the duster held in his mouth, while Bellatrix looks over his shoulder. “This should be dusted at least twice a day,” she tells him, and adds that if he proves worthy, she’ll let him keep the cap for his exclusive use.

She says she finds the TV to be a little on the small side and gives him 48 hours to buy her a bigger one. The slave is clearly nervous and tries to please the demanding Bellatrix, so he’s horrified when she finds a bit of dust on top of the TV. She sends him to the table where he’s told to exchange the duster for the black crop. He fumbles and bumbles and Bellatrix is soon completely annoyed with him. She decides he needs the cane so he’s sent to the table to fetch that instead. The slave is ordered to bend over the chair with his ass exposed. “Try to look like a ballerina,” Bellatrix says, with a chuckle. She makes him bark as she flogs his ass, and the final stroke makes him jump completely off his feet. Bellatrix leans over him and says to the camera, “These bitches usually fail but I do have fun along the way.”
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Clubdom – Cruelly Caned by Crystal Rush – Crystal Rush

It is not enough for a cruel sadist like Mistress Crystal Rush to just mercilessly cane her helpless slave; she wants him to beg for it and be grateful for the pain she inflicts upon him. After riding in like royalty in her slave pulled chariot, Crystal orders her slave to beg for pain while she rubs her latex glove over her pussy, then allows her slave to taste her excitement off the glove. Now that he is totally turned on, Crystal tears into his ass, caning him again and again until his ass has been totally defeated by her cane. All the poor slave can do is thank his beautiful Mistress for her cruelty. When she has had her fill of fun, Crystal rides off, leaving her slave to suffer in the stocks until she feels like hurting him again.
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Clubstiletto – What Did I Sign Up For – Miss Jasmine

Miss Jasmine is breaking in a new slave. “They always come so eager but many of them also chicken out and want to run away, which is why I’ve chained this one to the bench,” she says. She begins with 15 seconds of massage quality cropping before she decides this was enough of a warm-up. after all, who wants to see that. She switches crops and goes at his ass hard. While she flogs him, she talks about some of her experiences, including the time she branded a slave.

Now it’s time for the rock solid wood paddle. Even mild strokes make him squirm, but Jasmine increases the intensity; this slave isn’t going anywhere. She moves from one cheek to the other and soon it looks like the slave is trying to hump the bench! Jasmine says she should put a hole in the bench for his cock and maybe position another slave inside the bench who can suck it. Would you rather be the slave on the bench or the one under it? Jasmine switches to the rattan cane next, and this is where the real pain comes in. The slave’s ass soon changes color from rosy pink to tram-lined red. The scene ends with Jasmine striking him repeatedly for a full minute, which causes the slave to thrash around on the bench, wondering exactly what it was he signed up for!
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