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Clubstiletto – Ass Annihilation by Miss Jasmine and Mistress Damazonia

Mistress Damazonia and Miss Jasmine bring out the worst, er, best in each other. Today they are feeling very sadistic and poor bitch in their presence is going to feel their wrath. Damazonia has a chained flogger and Jasmine a wire crop. Jasmine starts talking about the first time she beat this slave and as she strikes him and he hollers out in pain. “Shut up” Damazonia tells him, “I’m trying to listen to what she says.” The ladies both laugh and the slave smartly goes silent.

As Jasmine recounts a forest encounter with this slave they take turns striking his ass. Jasmine switches to a bamboo crop and the beating continues. There are a few love taps but generally each blow is pretty harsh. The ladies are dear friends but naturally a bit competitive. Which one will deliver the final blow that brings this bitch to his knees?
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FemdomEmpire – Kendra James – Slutified Male Toy

Mistress Kendra’s male slave has failed as a man in life and in sexual slavery. He is no longer of any use to her as a man but she has better plans in store for the bitch. Instead of throwing him to the wolves she decides he would be much better suited as a sissy slut for her business ventures. His cock is worthless and will now be permanently caged shut so the only sex life her sissy will be having is with his holes. Mistress Kendra orders him to strip the last of his manhood away as she begins transforming him from boy to sissy whore. Big, extra thick and gigantic anal balls will do just the trick to start stretching out the sissy’s holes so dicks can just slip right in. Kendra’s sissies must be stretched, hollowed out and constantly filled if they are going to impress her big stud cocks she has lined up.
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SLAVE TRANSACTION feat Astrodomina

I love training my slaves for the market, that’s how I get top dollar for them!

Sydney’s on the phone with a slaver, negotiating for a price for her latest goods. She’s got her slave bound and suspended from a harness, barely able to move. She toys with her poor pathetic slave, telling him she’s hoping to sell him soon. She whips him a few times with her cane, just to have some fun..

She gets another call, but this buyer is only offering half the price she’s asking! She demands more. He’s a very well trained slave and loves to service and describes how well he takes large cocks up his ass. She wants to get her money’s worth!

With so many bidders, she knows she can get the best price for her product. She’s been working on this one for a while, and still loves to hear his whimpers. She laughs at his discomfort and continues to taunt him about his future life as a slave to some random stranger. He’s going to have to serve well to preserve her reputation! But he knows his place.

Her buyers also love it when he’s plugged, so she works one up into his ass. That’s just the cherry on top! Finally she gets another call.
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BizarreVideo – August 30, 2019 – Sophie Lynx, Aleska Diamond


Kneeling almost naked in front of her employer, her wrists bound in front of her, Sophie is persuaded to prepare the dildo for penetration by sucking on it. When the toy is finally glistening with her saliva, she is bent over the bed and fucked deeply in the pussy. Mistress Aleska puts Sophie back on her knees on the bed and boffs her box from behind. Mistress Aleska wants to impress discipline on her maid, and to this end, she fucks Sophie in her asshole. She rides the girl’s butt ruthlessly and even plays with Sophie’s pussy at the same time. Finally, Mistress Aleska has Sophie lick her pussy through the little slit in the strap-on harness. The maid does as she is told.
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DirtyDommes – No mercy sadistic whipping part 2

There will be NO MERCY and we whip him till he falls to the floor, several times. Each time he must get up and take more pain. His flesh red and raw, is a canvas for our dangerous leather whips.
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FemmeFataleFilms – July 10, 2019 – Slave, Mistress Akella

Never Say No – Day 2

No matter how hard the treatment, the slave must remember never to utter the word no. This proves a little difficult when the punishment level is ramped up. He is chained to the dungeon wall is this session and subjected to an extreme flogging and whipping ordeal, to make the most hardened of slaves fall to their knees begging for mercy. When Mistress decides to take a break, she makes her slave hold her booted legs up whilst she enjoys a cigarette. He must serve as a human ashtray and spittoon, inhaling her precious smokey exhales and serve his purpose as a receptacle for whatever she wants to dispose of.
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