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DivineBitches – July 16, 2019 – Gia DiMarco, Mason Lear

The House Slave: Gia DiMarco Brings Mason Lear Out to Play

Poor little Mason Lear is a slave who is kept locked in a dark cage by the super hot mistress Gia DiMarco. The only light this slave sees is when his master Gia uses him for her pleasure. She brings her slave out to play from one cage to another and quickly lets him know she is his mistress and his only purpose is to please her and satisfy her needs. She warms up her slave’s mouth by making him worship her feet while he is helplessly caged. She makes him beg for her pussy but Gia has no intention of giving her slave any pleasure. She rubs her wet pussy while Mason can only watch. Gia then zaps her helpless little slave while he is caged with nowhere to run. Then she brings him out of the cage for some corporal punishment. She asserts her authority over him with a few spanks. Then she catches Mason stroking his own cock so she has no choice but to punish him with a few hits from the crop. Then she puts her nice round ass in his face and makes him lick her up and down until she orgasms. This little slave likes to please his master so he begs to be fucked in the ass. Gia gives him a nice hard pounding with her big strap on to put him in his place. Then she uses his cock for her pleasure, riding it until she cums all over it. This poor slave is ready to bust his load but Mistress Gia has no plans of giving this slave any pleasures. He begs to cum but Mistress Gia already got what she wanted. After cuming over and over Gia locks this poor slaves cock in a chastity and is left denied. No pleasure for this house slave.
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KinkyMistresses – Punished in Transylvania Part 2 – Mistress Ezada

It is time to paint the slaves beautiful drawings on the body and Mistress Ezada has interesting tools for that. Whips leave fantastic, long red lines on the skin. Pain for the slave, pleasure for the lady
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PantyhoseSupremacy – Musclebound Mayhem – COMPLETE MOVIE

Mistress Eden sized up a big muscular submissive standing stretched out and then spent 54 minutes punishing his cock and nipples. A serious ass spanking was just the beginning as his cock and balls were bound in the humbler and tormented with cane, whip and high heel. On his back he provided Her a door mat to stroll on in high heels and then in stocking feet. Finally he was allowed to release on his knees as She sat and played with him. His offering splattered Her nylon covered foot before he was made to lick it clean. Mistress Eden sized up the muscular male salve standing spread eagled. She produced a short cane and set about warming him up. She circled and struck him over and over seeing how much fun he was going to provide today. After clamping his nipples She began to beat his ass with a long hard spanker. She hit him so hard he tore his foot from his binding. She clamped his cock in the humbler and set about tormenting cock and balls. This slave could not take the pain. This only made Mistress Eden more excited as She bore down on his trapped cock with the dragon tail whip. She tied up his cock head and strung it to his color and resumed CBT. Twisting the nipple clamps and kicking him in the balls with Her high heels pleased Her greatly. She sat down and used Her high heels on his cock and balls, the sharp spikes on the side of the shoe used to great advantage before Her skilled hands went to work and increased the huge man’s cries of pain. The big man’s cock and balls had been brutalized and his ass beaten. Now he lay on the floor stretched out on the cross as Mistress Eden moved over him and then stepped up on his huge chest. She walked around Her human carpet, sharp spikes stabbing his flesh as he tried to control his cries. Her high heels found his balls and then She sat heavily on his face. The trample resumed once he had been smothered out under Her tight black skirt and pantyhose. She removed Her skirt and trampled him some more, then more face sitting. She kept this up as Her human carpet suffered beneath heel and ass. Trample action continues as Mistress Eden, clad now only in pantyhose and red bra and heels, makes the huge muscular slave suffer underneath Her. She barefoot stomps his cock and walks around him casually jumping up and down. She sits down on his face twists his nipples so he loses his breath and tests how long he can go with no air. Back up on top of him the barefoot trample continues. The giant muscleman had served Her well and taken a lot of torment. He was positioned on his knees in front of Mistress Eden. She sat and ordered him to masturbate. She distracted him with slaps to the face and Her high heeled foot kicked his balls over and over. She degraded him verbally and twisted his nipples as She ordered him to cum on Her nylon covered foot. He gave up his offering and coated the side of Her foot with cum. Now he was told he had to clean it completely and he quickly complied and began to lick.
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TheEnglishMansion – Wives Take Charge Pt1 – Eve Harper, Mistress T

Eve shows her friend the secret of her happy marriage, it is female led relationship, she wants to share the experiences she has had and the lessons learned, encouraging her to try it with her own husband. Eve’s husband is embarrassed and humiliated, as his private FLR is exposed, showing off the chastity device he is constantly locked away in and the way his bad behaviour is dealt with a hard spanking! Her friend watches in disbelief and amazement at what goes on behind the suburban curtain and joins in the berating of the subby hubby, educating herself in this new wave of thinking.
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DominatrixAnnabelle – OTK Spanking!

There’s always a first time for everyone! Yes indeed, my dearest george the butler received his first ever spanking over my gorgeous blue denim jeans. After his arrival, he found himself almost at a loss for words, as once again the visual feast of my stunning outfit rendered him speechless. Naturally, it was only right to have him on all fours, bending the knee in readiness to worship my gorgeous leather stiletto boots with lace and buckle detail. Just watching him deep throat my heels was an absolute pleasure to see, and he did it with immense appreciation.

However, I couldn’t wait to have him over my figure hugging blue denim jeans for his first ever over the knee spanking. Oh my goodness, how delightful it was, as you will see. I won’t give too much away, but for those who love OTK Spanking, I’m sure you’ll receive as much satisfaction throughout this movie, as I did when administering his punishment.
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KinkyMistresses – Courtney´s CP Slave

See Mistress Courtney at the famous Amystique International Party in Berlin having fun with one of the real submissive Slaves. How much he can take for her mistress? Is he a real hard CP guy?
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