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Tiny Chaste – Milking Your Balls

Goddess Dani makes me drip into a cup as she milks my balls. The vibrator started the leakage, but her hands drove me wild as she rubbed, tickled and squeezed them. Not allowed to cum, my drips only formed a tiny puddle on the bottom. Apparently I will have to wait longer for my next milking.
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Tiny Chaste – Torturing A Chastity Pig’s Cock

Goddess Star knows an erection in chastity hurts and she intends to make me pay for being a tiny dick loser. She sits on my face in her dirty jeans and removes her top so you can enjoy a view I can’t see. In the past, my key holders have used the toothbrush and vibrator as a means of pleasure and pain. Goddess Star wants me to experience no pleasure and coerced the rotating brush into my skin leaving marks. She loved the moans and laughed at my predicament. You’ll enjoy this one much more than I did.
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Tiny Chaste – Tiny Penis Humiliation Part Two

This is part two of the entire clip “Tiny Penis Humiliation” which is also available in this studio. Jasmin and her friend Angel are vicious Brat Girls who love to make fun of small penises. At the end of clip one they removed my chastity to see just how small I really am. In this clip they tease and mock my wee wee, even taking pictures with it to share with their friends and with their followers on Twitter.
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