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Clubstiletto – You’re Not Good Enough To See This Ass

Mistress Irene towers over her slave who is locked in the floor box. She grinds the sole of her stiletto into his face, then pokes his nipples with her heels. The cameraman sneaks a peak up her skirt, and who can blame him, when there’s an ass like Irene’s in plain view. The slave groans in pain as her heel pokes into his flesh. After making him suck each heel, Irene removes her shoes and makes him hold one of them in his mouth.

She walks on his chest in her bare feet, and after working up a sweat, removes her skirt to reveal nothing but a pair of bikini-string panties. Irene stands over the slave as she tells him it’s a shame she has his vision blocked so he can’t see her ass. but you can… and it’s amazing! She seductively moves it around it in front of the camera and squats to give you some amazing views. She kicks the shoe from the slave’s mouth and has him lick her feet and suck her toes. She decides to move to the floor so she can kick him in the nuts before she returns to the box, where she now sits on his face. She leans to the side when she feels like giving him a breath of air, so you can catch some more great views of her ass. Further ball kicking ensues, this time more extreme, before she sits on him one last time. “I’m going to relax,” she says, and she does, despite the fact that the slave soon kicks and thrashes his arms. Locked in the floor he has no way out and Irene clearly loves it.
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Chateau-Cuir – Cum on her divine boots part 1Chateau-Cuir – Cum on her divine boots part 1

Miss Tina simply adores her Louboutin leather boots and is very carefull when selecting the slaves that can worship her luxurious footwear. Her boot bitch is a good boy, he uses his tongue very softly on the red bottoms and delicate leather. He will be corrected if he does not do it the way Miss Tina likes it anyways. She keeps an eye on his movements! Once she is satisfied her boot slave did a good job, he is allowed to feel her booted legs around his cock! She controls not only his mind but also his dick and orgasm! He will be allowed his release on to her divine boots when she says so!
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TheMeanGirls – Bitcoin Boot Worship – Princess Gemma

Dateline 12/17/17 Bitcoin: $19,192.25

So this slave has been mining bitcoin and comes crawling to me with one, offering it up to me for the privilege of licking my shiny gold boots. When he tells me how much it is worth, I allow him the privilege. These boot freaks are so pathetic. When you put on a shiny pair of stiletto boots its like you can make them do anything.

Eventually he wants to worship my OTHER boot. Well, of course that is going to cost him MORE haha…

Who wants to mine bitcoin for Princess Gemma?? I talk directly to you at the end of this clip on how to do that for me…
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AmericanMeanGirls – No Mercy For The Trampled – Princess Carmela

We just came home from seeing some hot guys that we are both kind of into, and Skylar sees my ugly bald fucking slave that I just left out on the deck a few hours ago. I invite her to step up onto him while we chat about our day. (He’s kind of soft and bouncy under your heels and it feels better than standing on the hard deck.)

This is Skylar’s first time literally walking all over a slave- but she totally does it like its nothing. I think I have taught her well that these idiots were MEANT to be walked all over by hot girls like Us. Like, its honestly what I think they were created and put on this Earth for- so WE can use them and benefit from them, as WE are obviously superior, higher life forms than them. She even laughs that she would never talk to a bald, ugly loser like this so he kinda is lucky just to be stepped on by her…even if she doesn’t bother to take her stiletto heels off.

We just chat out on the deck and have a smoke break while Skylar lets her stiletto heels REALLY dig into my slave. She told me later that she thinks its hilarious that I can treat him like this (like he basically means NOTHING to me) and yet he totally puts up with it no matter what, and still literally WORSHIPS me.

***(Although this is Skylar’s first tramping clip she really does have no mercy for the slave. She literally stands on it for the entire length of the clip with no breaks for the slave at all. This is the most ruthless trampling clip we have done in years and when you consider Princess Skylar just continues standing in the same spot, drilling her heels DEEP into the slave beneath her without giving it a second thought…)***

True story – At one point in this clip I accidentally burned my slaves lip while shoving my lit cigarette into his mouth to use it as my ashtray while Skylar was standing on him. So I fucking yell at him for moving and making my cigarette out and kick him in the face in front of Skylar! She laughed her ass off haha.

(Oh, also, it was kinda windy out there so it is kinda hard to hear the dialogue sometimes, but we doubt most of you care about that too much haha.)
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FemmeFataleFilms – Brutal Boots

The male candidate is new to boot slavery, but he knows he desperately wants to worship leather boots! The two Mistresses are not going to let him get his kicks, without them getting theirs though! They start by teasing him with their sumptuously soft black leather thigh boots, whilst one dangles them over his face, the other Mistress crushes his cock, balls and nipples. They dig their heels deep into his nipples and stomp on his genitals. He’ll get to lap at their heels, but at a heavy and painful price!
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AmericanMeanGirls – Crushing Your Credit Card – And Your Head

“You come from shopping, hands full of bags. You yell at your slave, slapping him hard across the face for not having enough money on his credit cards for you! After several hard face slaps you order him to stick his tongue out. You cruelly wipe your dirty boot soles on it while laughing at him. When your boot soles are clean, you want to trample his face with them while checking your new gifts on your phone that you bought with his credit card online. You stand on his face until he is literally crying in pain.”
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GoddessFootDomination – Suffer to Earn the Privilege

I have a slave on a leash, walking him around today. He really wants to worship my sexy feet, but he clearly doesn’t understand his true purpose. I have him in the humbler and kick his balls repeatedly. I’d really like to see them fall off; he doesn’t really need them to serve the purpose I require. I remove the humbler and position him in an even more excruciating device so that I can stomp on his balls with my high heeled stilettos. He begs for more as I squish those worthless balls. When I tire of that game, I move to a seated position and lock his pitiful cock in chastity. The slave lies on the floor so I can clean the bottom of my shoes on his tongue. I remove my shoes one by one and allow the sub to smell my sweaty feet. I tease him with the aroma for a while before permitting him to taste my soles and toes. I instruct the quivering slave to worship my feet properly or lose his balls as punishment. His tongue is too dry and he isn’t doing very well. This loser will remain locked in chastity until he performs better for me.
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Clubdom – Raven and Bella teach Kitty: Strap On

Kitty is getting so hot and horny watching the slaves go down on her friends. The women all laugh hysterically as the two slaves struggle to deep throat their big cocks and gag. Goddess Bella and Temptress Raven have no mercy on the two helpless guys, forcing them to continue to cuck, ramming their strap-ons down the slaves’ throats. Now that their cocks are sufficiently lubed with slave spit, Bella and Raven put the two sluts on each end of the bondage bed, on their knees, and fuck their asses from behind. Kitty is sitting in between the two sluts. She is getting even more turned on and keeps playing with her kitty while her friends continue to pound the slaves in the ass. The two slaves groan and cry in agony as the two Dommes go to town on their tight assholes. They finish the slaves off by flipping them over on their backs with their legs spread up in the air. The Mistresses show no pity and Kitty cums while watching all the action. Kitty is happy and excited about her new lifestyle!
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Femme Fatale Films – I Love to Hurt You

So here is the story, indeed a true tale of how a slave applicant wrote to me wanting to become a specialist ball bustee. Ball busting as many of you know is one of my most favourite activities and to welcome a new candidate to my slave stable was not a problem. I started his session with some fairly light kicks and slaps, building him up to a more adequate level in a short space of time. The tease of my spit and feet in his face worked wonders as encouragement for him and it wasn’t too long before he wanted and needed more punishment from me. I was more than happy to oblige…
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Chateau-Cuir – Cum on her posh leather skirt part 1

LadyBoss Yasmin loves to fool around with her servants in her office. They are all so easy to control and they cannot get enough of her sexy body in leathers. She looks amazing in her Despressi Louboutin heels, luxurious black leather skirt and burgundy satin blouse. Her male servant gets the pleasure of worshipping her heels and leathers.
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AmericanMeanGirls – Foot Reward for a Broken Slave

This is Carmela’s personal foot-bitch slave that she owns and uses when she is in Vegas. We just got done like totally beating it in some previous clips so now he gets his “reward” for suffering sooo badly for our amusement and profit. What does this loser get? Our dirty FEET! Haha

I still think it is SO fucking pathetic that some loser will suffer like this just to lick the dirt off our sweaty feet LOL. Oh, and our feet really ARE filthy! Especially Carmela’s. Haha. but this loser laps at them like a loyal pet getting a treat lol. Sooo disgusting…and pathetic. But it feels good to US, and that is all that matters! So have at it, loser. Lap away at our filthy soles, you pathetic freak. LOL
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DirtyDommes – Double boot cleaning duties

Our old house servant is being called in for boot cleaning duties. He is very fragile but wants nothing more than to please his Mistresses and polish their exquisite leather boots with his tongue. He scrapes the dirt of ours soles with his tongue and it seems he is starting to enjoy his task as boot slave a little too much. So we laugh at his precum as he will never get the priviledge of a release on our sexy boots.
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AmericanMeanGirls – Unwanted Sexual Advances

Princess Carmela is an actress in Hollywood, and is reclining on a famous “casting couch”. A fat, old, pervy producer is obviously smitten with her beauty, and makes an innocent comment about how beautiful she is. He doesn’t think he did anything wrong, but Carmela is immediately outraged and calls her lawyer! Within minutes her lawyer, the famous female defense attorney “Gloria Allblue”is on the scene and DEMANDS that this pervert do whatever her client demands- or else face immediate litigation!

When asked what she wants for “restitution”, Carmela says that she wants to see this “powerful producer” on his KNEES and literally BEGGING for her forgiveness! Ms. Allblue barks her client’s order at the fat old man and snaps her fingers at him- and he immediately drops to his knees at Carmela’s feet and begins BEGGING her to forgive him for daring to tell her how beautiful she is! But it’s still not enough for Carmela…she wants to HUMILIATE him. She demands that he LICK THE DIRT OFF THE SOLES OF HER SHOES! And to her delight, Ms. Allblue makes him DO it!
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FemdomEmpire – Adore Her Scent – Summer Day

There is nothing more rewarding than being given the pleasure of worshipping a Woman’s feet…especially when they are ripe with her scent of being in pantyhose and leather boots on a hot and sweaty day. Before he knows it the slave will become completely addicted to Mistress Summer’s extra smelly size 8 feet.
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GoddessFootDomination – Boot Cleaning Discipline – Goddess Adrienne B

Goddess Adrienne B is in the process of breaking in a new foot slave. The submissive is aching to worship the goddess’s impressive, shiny boots, but he is not permitted until instructed. When she relents, he runs his tongue all over those sexy boots. Goddess Adrienne is not satisfied with his performance; he’s missing too many spots on her favorite boots. When she scolds him and tells him to stop, he begins to beg. This action disgusts the goddess and she places a ball gag in his mouth and makes him crawl away on his hands and knees.

When Goddess Adrienne gives him another chance, this time the leash is on his nuts instead of around his neck. His task is to lick clean the nasty bottoms of goddess’s feet. No sooner does he begin the process and the goddess expresses her dissatisfaction. The slave has been instructed to jerk himself off while worshipping, but there appears to be a problem. This guy can’t seem to move his wrist and his tongue simultaneously. He’s having a very hard time doing either task well and Goddess Adrienne is quick to humiliate him. When he is finally able to reach orgasm, the goddess is unhappy with the small amount of cum. He is instructed to lick it all off her pretty feet. Finally! Goddess Adrienne has found something this fellow is good at. She’ll have to find more opportunities for this pitiful slave to eat cum since it is the only task at which he excels.
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