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MenAreSlaves – Clean My Boots Piggy – Goddess Cadence

Cadence feels like relaxing for a bit, which usually means work for her slave. His hands are bound but that is of no concern of hers, she still wants him to fetch her drink and then lick her boots clean while she lies back and observes with a smile.
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FetishLiza – Cockbox tease and shoejob

I feel like milking a cock through my cock box and you are in luck. I like to press my red soles on to your dick and make it hard but first I will touch it with my hands until all your juices is flowing. What a nice view I have from my bed, only your cock in sight, ready to rub you underneath my sexy Lady Daf Louboutin heels. Then using my stilettos to make you cum hard.
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Chateau-Cuir – Cum on My shoes part 2

My office slave loves my leather gloved touch and sexy pumps on his cock. After plenty of teasing, I allow him to release himself on to my leather shoes.
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