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Dirty Trans Dolls – Sissy sluts first encounter part 2

The sissy sluts are so cute and shy! But we bring them closer together so they can inspect each other’s locked clitties and kiss! How very exciting, this first meeting of the sissy sluts is turning out to be very horny indeed!
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Mistress T – Sissy Extreme Chastity Tease

*** UNIQUE CHASTITY! *** Cock piercing locks to piercing behind balls, locking cock in a downward position making an erection painful & impossible. My sissy comes into the clinic to have her transformation monitored. We discuss male urges & I unveil my reasoning for piercing that is now healed. I bring out a lock & key explaining to my sissy that arousal will become so painful I will now gain complete control over all male urges. I lock his/her cock to a ring between the scrotum & anus (perineum) then sensually tease him to demonstrate how painful erections will now be. This is a very sexy tease & denial vid with extreme chastity.
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Clubstiletto – Miss Jasmine, Mistress Staci – Hot Tub Service | Release Date: Jun 21, 2017

TS Staci and Jasmine are lounging in the hot tub talking about you, Jasmine’s useless husband and servant in training. They humiliate you verbally and tease you while youre getting your little dicklet hard and serving them drinks. We fondle each other’s breasts and Jasmine strokes Staci’s cock underwater commenting on how big it is compared to yours. Shall they push you in the water and make you suck it? They can even use you as a human filter for the tub. Or a tub side porta potty for that matter. Shall they give you swimming lessons? How long can you hold your breath? As long as it takes Stacie to cum that’s how long.
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Clubstiletto – Miss Jasmine, Mistress Staci – Clean And Fluff Us | Release Date: Jun 16, 2017

Jasmine’s TS girlfriend Staci and her are enjoying post sex cuddles and you come crawling towards the bed. They had told you to stay in the closet but since you just can’t stay away from them you may as well clean up all the sweat they produced during their fun. Just like a puppy in training you are directed to lap up their sex juices, damp armpits, feet, and even their panties. They notice you are particularly focused on Staci’s cock and decide to train you further… their sex party is just getting started and this is intermission. When their line up of studs arrive you will be ordered to fluff every single one of them.
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TS Seduction – Mar 28, 2017 – Yasmin Lee , Will Havoc

The House Special: Yasmin Lee Treats Will Havoc To a Hard Surprise
The gorgeous Yasmin Lee knows exactly what to do with the riff raff that gets sent her way. All these men bragging about pussy all just want the same thing. A huge Ts Cock to suck and fuck them backwards. Will Havoc is no different. Sent over for some special treatment from hotel divine, this smooth talker has no idea what he is getting into. Yasmin treats him to a taste of her huge cock and lets him lick her beautiful feet before fucking “his pussy” over and over again. Will takes that hard cock in every way before shooting his huge load all over himself. Yasmin wants more and fucks him again til she shoots all over his happy face. Another satisfied customer.
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Subby Hubby – Mistress Faith Turns the Tables

Mistress Faith got a new maid job when the owner of the house comes in to check her out and gets a little handy. Mistress Faith will have none of that, and forces him down and to do things her way, starting with worshiping her feet. Mistress Faith makes her new subby lick her feet and suck on her toes. Mistress Faith forces her new subby to use his tongue to worship her ass. Mistress Faith bends over and pulls her subby’s head so he can get a face full of her ass. Mistress Faith notices the ass worship has made him hard, and wants her to jerk off for her. After worshiping her ass, Mistress Faith’s subby begs to lick her pussy and clit. Mistress Faith lifts her little skirt to show her hubby her thick cock. Her subby plunges the cock in his mouth and he eagerly sucks it until Mistress Faith sprays his face with her thick load. Mistress Faith bends her subby over on the bed and paddles his ass to get it ready for a hard fucking. She then slides her cock into her subby’s ass and starts pegging him.
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TS Pussy Hunters – Mar 27, 2017 – TS Foxxy , Rizzo Ford

Hair Dresser gets a new kind of conditioner from a hot TS client
Rizzo Ford is a slutty little hair dresser and Foxxy knows it. Foxxy starts telling Rizzo all about her recent sex stories and in doing so, Rizzo Ford gets really curious. When Foxxy whips out her cock, Rizzo gets even more curious. Rizzo gives Foxxy a food job, rim job, blow job and a new hair style. Rizzo even lets Foxxy stick her cock into her asshole and nut all over it.
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TS Seduction – Feb 14, 2017 – Morgan Bailey , Corbin Dallas

Morgan Bailey seduces her step son and gives him a lesson in cock sucking and ass fucking! She bends him over her knee and spanks his bottom red until he sucks her cock just the way she likes it. Then she fucks his asshole with pounding hard thrusts and blows her load right in his pretty little face. She puts him in a pile driver and rams her cock so deep that Corbin sprays a giant load of filth right into his own face.
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TS Seduction – Feb 21, 2017 – Rick Fantana , Yasmin Lee

Yasmine Lee’s Relentless Hard Pounding Cock
Yasmine Lee is perfection as always dominating Rick with her huge hard cock. He takes it all deep down this throat. Rick also loves transexual cock pounding hard in his ass and with a woman like Yasmine Lee giving it who wouldn’t beg for that huge delicious load of hers! Not to be missed!
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