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BBW Nicole’s Hard Riding II

Domme Nicole decides to be carried above the slave’s back for several minutes. Sexy pony clip!!! 1280 X 720 high definition!!!
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Clubstiletto – Pony I’m Touching Myself – Mistress Kandy

Mistress Kandy continues her day in the forest with her pony. She comments how rugged the ground is with rocks, branches and thistles all over the forest floor and how glad she is she doesn’t have to walk on it with no regard to the slaves pony parts that are feeling it all. She directs him to a big log and tells him that will be his turning point. “This will make a real man, I mean horse of you” she tells him.

Eventually Kandy decides to test the pony out as a bench so she can enjoy the afternoon sun. She sticks her hand down her pants and panties and torments the slave by telling him what she is doing. “You’re a wild beast, you can’t have my pussy” she tells him but says she will let him lick her finger if he gives her a longer ride. Soon she is back on him and they continue down the trail. Kandy then turns so she is sitting backwards and makes him carry her some more. Now Kandy stands up and pulls her pants down and slides her panties to the side before sitting down again. She has the pony jiggle while she touches herself, it’s almost like having a vibrator. She suggests pissing all over the slave but really focuses now on getting herself off. “My pussy is so sweaty” she says. She then sticks her finger in the pony’s mouth before making him ride some more while she continues to touch herself. Kandy is so lost in her own pleasure she forgets about the pony until he collapses. No problem, she uses him now as a mattress touching herself more until she eventually reaches out with her fingers and gives them to you to lick. She can’t really reward her pony after all!
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Clubstiletto – Let’s See If You Can Get Me Into The Bedroom – Princess Lily

Sweet Princess Lily has made it a day of suffering for her slave. His mouth is secured open by a gag and he’s been wearing nipple clamps for hours. She tells him she’s going to up the ante by making him give her a shoulder ride. He’ll prove himself to be a strong pony for her, and if she’s pleased, she might even take him up to the bedroom. She gives you a perfect view of her perfect ass before she waves it in the pony’s face and reminds him just what he’s working for. He lustfully leans into her ass but she pushes him back; he must earn it, first.

As she mounts him, he struggles to get upright from his kneeling position. He manages to do so without any incidents so Lily starts to direct him around the house. She warns him that she’ll send him to the glue factory if he drops her, and after a trip through the house, she orders him to carry her up the stairs. The camera follows behind to show you how plump and delicious Lily’s ass looks. The slave does a few circuits of the upstairs hallway before she sends him back down the stairs. She’s just getting warmed up though! She sends him around the rest of the house and even makes him gallop. She sends him towards the fireplace to do some squats, at which point the pony starts to show signs of fatigue. “This weekend you will give me and my girlfriends rides,” she tells him, adding “and then soon you will be taking me through the forest trails for hours at a time.” She tells him to take her to the bedroom, where the pony imagines there will be some sort of kinky reward. He sets her on the bed in anticipation and she says “Okay, you can return to your cage.” As he crawls away, she leans over on the bed, again showing him her ass, and says “Pony, remember this is what you’re working for.” You can bet this pony will try even harder tomorrow!
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Clubstiletto – Hours In The Wilderness – Mistress Kandy

Mistress Kandy is out in the woods her favorite place, “Especially when I don’t have to do any of the walking” she says. She directs the pony through the trails and up a hill before sending him back to a special place she knows not far away. Eventually they come into an opening where there are structures and benches but they encounter a local trekking the trails so Kandy decides to turn the pony back for fear of terrifying the poor woman.

Now she makes the pony break into a full gallop before having him lean against a giant tree to do some squats but not before she picks some leaves from the tree for him to eat. Finally she points the pony home and likely anticipating a carrot or apple for his hard work he again breaks into a full gallop and they disappear into the sunlight.
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Clubdom – Ginary Ass Fucks Her New Bitch

Mistress Ginary commands her new bitch to pull her chariot around the field at the ClubDom Compound, all while one of her old slaves is being pulled behind the chariot. Ginary orders her new bitch to stop and then puts him into position to take her big cock in his ass, all while her old slave can only watch. Ginary cruelly puts wooden clamps on her new slave’s tongue, preventing him from speaking, then pounds his ass into submission, adding some pile driver action in the end. Tired of fucking her bitch, Ginary orders him to pull her back to the Compound.
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Sexy young Raevyn Rose is out in the woods with her dumb beast when she feels the need for a long ride. “We might be out here for hours,” she tells him. She directs him to move through the trails with a bit of speed, as well as the hills, before she sends him to an area Jasmine has suggested she check out. When they arrive, Raevyn is delighted to see an actual pony playground.

She directs her beast to the bench where she wants him to do some squats. She tells him she needs to make sure he’s strong enough to carry her whenever she wants, for as long as she wants. “Let’s start with 1,000 squats,” she says. She tells him he should be able to do that before sunset. “After all, it’s only noon now,” she adds. The scene rolls over to catch the last few lifts attempted by the pony, who is ready to collapse by this time. Raevyn doesn’t care though, and orders him up to carry her home. She warns him not to drop her and tells him that this cruel training will make him a better pony. Suddenly, the pony crumples to the ground, exhausted. Raevyn shows her disgust before she looks directly at you and asks, “do you want to be my pony?”
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BossGirls – The Old Horse Will Be Ridden

Riding Mistresses Amy and Zora want to ride on this old horse today. The human pony must be taught how to trot and how to carry riders around on his backs. They chase him around and give him harsh cracks of the whip! It hisses through the air as it hits him hard, blow after blow. Then Mistress Amy sits down on him in her tight jeans. Mistress Zora drives him with the crop! Let’s go!
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Clubdom – Punished for Speaking by Lady Karma

It is a beautiful day on the slave farm, so Lady Karma decides to go for a ride on the pony cart. After going around the grounds a few times, she decides to give her pony cart pulling slave a break. She allows her slave the honor of worshipping her long thigh high boots. He kisses, licks and sucks on her heel. Her stupid slave loves it so much that he can’t shut up about how much he enjoys it. Lady Karma is annoyed by his insubordination. She reminds him that he is to serve, worship, obey and only speak when spoken to. Lady Karma commands her slave to open his mouth so she can spit in it. Then, without warning, she slaps his face ferociously. Lady Karma brutally continues face slapping and spitting on her humiliated slave. She doesn’t let even her slave’s tears stop her relentless attack. Next time the pony slave will use his words more wisely.
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The Old Horse is Being Ridden!

Mistress Jane is very clear in her instructions to her slave. She wants him on all fours right now so she can ride a couple of laps on his back! She mounts him and drives him forward with her crop. She wants this old horse to go faster and stubbornly pushes him to his limit! She drives him round and round in circles. Next, she decides to ride the slave piggyback. She doesn’t care how hard the slave has to work, she’s only interested in her own pleasure. So hop to it, slave!
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Clubstiletto – What Pony Gets When Pony Falls Down – Princess Lily

Princess Lily is stuck in the house on a rainy day and forced to ride her pony inside. As he moves from the living room to the entrance to the second living room she tells him to move smoothly so she does not slide off of him, “Or I’ll be forced to use the crop on you” she warns him. Lily’s jean glad ass looks tantalizing on the pony’s back as she directs him over the steps where she wants to test his strength. He is ordered to do lifts and as he move sup and down she compliments him on being strong and doing a good job.

When he is back on the floor she tests him out on a side saddle carry and again he moves rather gracefully. She then mounts him again in a traditional style so he can ride her across the house again. She tells him that after proper training they will take long rides in the country and if he does a good job she will stick a carrot up her ass for him to eat. Ultimately the pony starts to struggle a bit and she tells him that he will need a lot more work as she has girlfriends that will be coming over for rides and some of them are twice her size. The pony then stumbles and Lily is naturally upset, she takes the crop to his backside and sends him back to his cage. She looks at you and coyly says “Do you want to be my new pony?”
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Mistress Dahlia Rain is being pulled in a cart by her pony boy bitch. She motivates her pony by periodically whipping him as he runs. Dahlia commands her slave to stop pulling her and kneel before her, sitting in the pony cart. She wants to see her pony boy now turn into her toe licker. Her slave has the privilege of kissing, licking and sucking on her toes and feet. Mistress Dahila commands her bitch to spit on the soles of her feet and lick his own spit. After that, she spits on the top of her foot and makes him lick up her spit. The pony slave has done a good job worshipping Mistress Dahlia’s feet so she rewards him by spitting in his mouth. After drinking his Goddess’s spit, the slave is told to crawl over to the whipping post. Dahlia has more planned for this bitch than just fun and games today.
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Clubdom – Mistress Dahlia Whips Her Pony Bitch

Mistress Dahlia Rain now has her pony slave bound to one of the whipping posts outside. Dahlia has been waiting for this all day! Her slave dances from the strokes that Mistress Dahlia administers to him. He can cry, dance, beg and plead all that he wants. But he can’t escape and no one will save him out here! Mistress Dahlia sadistically and mercilessly continues the slave’s beating. Mistress Dahlia takes a break to admire the red striped artwork that she created on her slaves back. She is delighted with the welts that are on her canvas, she rubs her hands down his back feeling the texture. After Dahlia is done with her punishment she walks over to her bitch and pinches his nipples, making him scream. She tells her bitch that he has had enough of her whip for the day. Mistress Dahlia decides that she isn’t done with her pony yet and orders him to pull her in the pony cart back to the dungeon!
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Clubstiletto – Lost Pony – Mistress Kandy

The scene opens with Mistress Kandy on the shoulders of her pony boy and she’s laughing because she has taken him to a super steep hill right from the get go. Kandy is a solid 140 pounds and the slave is not much heavier so it’s a challenge for him to carry her. Naturally Kandy does not tolerate a sub standard effort though so the pony knows he must perform. The trees are full of delicious black berries so she has pony stop along the way so she can get the best berries from the top branches. She pulls one branch off and uses it to flog the pony.

After a climb up the hill and down and all the way to the street corner the pony can’t go on and goes down to his knee, carefully however so as not to have his Goddess fall. Kandy laughs at the pathetic slave and then has him crawl over to a ‘lost’ poster and tells him that soon it will be his picture on there because she is taking him to the woods and abandoning him there. She sits on his back and says he has a few seconds and then he will take her into the woods this time on all fours.
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