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FemdomEmpire – Caged Pussy Freak – Gianna Dior

Mistress Gianna Dior knows how much her slave is addicted to everything about her pussy. She leaves him locked in his kennel so he will always be ready and waiting to lick her anytime she pleases. He has been reduced to just a mouth as that is all he is and will ever be good for. Mistress Gianna makes him prove how much of a pussy loving freak he is by using his oral skills to make her cum all over his face.
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SubbyHubby – Saving Our Marriage (Leena Sky) – Leena Sky

Goddess Leena Sky has now had Cameron locked away in chastity for 57 days as she continues using various “marital aids” in an attempt to stay married to him. He begs her to stop, but she refuses and orders him to lick her ass clean before she goes on a date with a man she tells him will be a “big surprise” to him. To frustrate poor Cameron even more, Leena fucks his chastity device, then orders him to lick her pussy while she pleases herself with a vibrator. Leena then orders Cameron to change into a sissy maid outfit and clean the house while she is on her date. When Leena returns, Cameron is shocked to see her with Mr. Halston, his boss at work! Turns out Leena is going to get Cameron a promotion at work by having an affair with him. Poor pathetic Cameron first has to suck his boss’s dick and get a cum load all over his face, then serve as a human lube machine, licking Leena’s pussy and Mr. Halston’s dick while they fuck. To add insult to injury,Leena dumps the cum from Mr. Halston’s condom on his face and orders him to eat even more cum! When Mr. Halston refuses to say when he will give Cameron a promotion, wanting more sex with her first, Leena is furious and slaps him repeatedly until he goes to the ground, continuing the slapping and then putting him into a head scissor hold until he agrees. But now that she is upset, Leena demands new cars for her and Cameron as well! Now that Mr. Halston is also her bitch, Leena has the two pathetic men worship her feet while she files her nails. When her girlfriend calls, Leena tells her all about her exploits for the day and how easy it is for a hot woman to make any man her bitch.
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FemaleWorship – Don’t Stop Until I Cum – Riley Nixon

Riley Nixon is in the mood to be worshipped. So she sits back comfortably, has her male kiss her hand in subservience and then puts him to oral work while she relaxes and enjoys the perks of female supremacy.
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Clubstiletto – Worship My Juicy Butt and Wet Pussy – Miss Muscle

Miss Muscle is kneeling on the bed with her big plump ass there for her slaves, as well as you, to drool over. Her crotchless panties give them a Birdseye view of her butt hole and pussy too. “Slaves will do anything for this juicy butt” she says, as she then says you can crawl towards her and kiss each cheek. As she leans forward her big puckered pussy lips are right in your face. “Imagine burying your nose in there” she says tauntingly. Now she calls her slave onto the bed to smell her pussy and ass and tells him to tell her how much he loves it. “You probably wish I’d fart in your face” she says.

Now she orders him to tongue fuck her ass and she moans from the pleasure it gives her. She tells him to spread her cheeks to insure he gets his tongue as deep as possible. Nice views of her bubble butt and asshole through this entire scene. Miss muscle explains how this bitch works like a all day for her just to be able to eat her ass. Now she orders him to go get her black dildo as she wants an orgasm. He has to use his hand to move the dildo in and out of her exactly as she tells him to. Soon she is moaning and thrashing about as the pleasure starts to overtake her. “If you give me a good orgasm you can lick the dildo after” she tells him. Now she tells him to really thrust it in and out of her as she grabs onto his hair. She has a huge orgasm and pulls the dildo away. She is pleased and pats her pet on the head.
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FemdomEmpire – Lick Me GIMP – Britney Light

Princess Britney has no use for a gimp’s small cock but their mouth can certainly be put to very good use. Her gimp’s cock remains locked in chastity while she orders him to stick out his tongue and do the only thing he is good at. Licking his Princess’s perfect ass and pussy to orgasm! Only Princesses get to cum in the household of Britney Light.
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DivineBitches – Apr 9, 2019 –  Mimosa, Corbin Dallas

I Dream of Mimosa

Corbin Dallas is jerking off in bed to the curvy bodacious goddess Mimosa. He cums hard imaging Mimosa smothering him under her glorious ass and drifts off to sleep–only to awaken under the very ass he was jerking off too! Mimosa is all for slutty boys who want to worship her. She spits all over Corbin. She crushes his face between her ass cheeks and has him lick her perfect pussy as she rides his face and inspects his goods. Mimosa tastes his cock and slides her fingers into Corbin’s eager asshole. Corbin moans as Mimosa has her way with him and commands him to the floor. He removes her shoes and worships her stocking clad size 12 feet. He can barely get her foot in his mouth and shivers as Mimosa wipes her foot all over his face. Mimosa can’t get over how cute and adorable Corbin is. She lifts him over her shoulder and gives his little ass a good hard spanking. Corbin squirms but is helpless in the arms of this Divine Goddess. He begs for her cock and she releases him to strap on her long fat cock and plow his asshole. Corbin is collared at the end of her leash with her hard cock stretching open his tight hole. Mimosa laughs as she takes Corbin’s ass in doggy and crops his back and ass. She flips him over and continues fucking him as he begs to fuck her. Mimosa grants his wish and Corbin gets to slide his hard cock into Mimosa’s juicy cunt. She uses his cock to cum over and over again as Corbin struggles not to cum. He begs to cum as she edges him, denying him for her own pleasure. Finally, Corbin is allowed to cum and wakes up suddenly in Mimosa’s robe. Maybe it wasn’t a dream after all…
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FemaleWorship – Outdoor Living – Raven Hart

Raven Hart loves the outdoors. The sound of birds, a fresh breeze, and the view of a young male eagerly working his tongue to please her. It always makes for a pleasant afternoon.
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MeanBitches – Nina Elle 3

Goddess Nina Elle is one of the sexiest and most commanding Dommes in the world! She makes her degrade himself for her amusement and then smothers him in her spandex covered ass. She laughs at him as he signs away his bank accounts and life savings just for a chance to kiss her perfect asshole! HOT ASS…
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SubbyGirls – A Girl Would Treat You Better – Kat Monroe, Valerie White

At first Kat Monroe and Valerie White are chillin on the couch talking about boys. But after Kat complains about her man, Valerie decides to show her that a girl would treat her better.
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FemaleWorship – You Can Get Dressed Now – Amilia Onyx

Amilia Onyx is a busy woman. Between business and career she has plenty to do which is why she tasks males to handle her household chores. Still, there is always time for worship so she will use this male for her pleasure before she heads out for her day.
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FemaleWorship – My Clit, More – Aubree Ice

A quick kiss, off come the shorts and soon Aubree Ice puts her man to work. She has to steer him back to her clit on occasion but for the most part he is well accustomed to spending long periods of time between her legs.
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My Humiliated Pussy, Ass And Foot Slut For New Years!!

This wonderful footage was captured on New Years eve and is in three parts– my enslaved little bitch licked my bomb ass pussy on his knees ALL DAY lol! This clip highlights the tongue worship received from my ‘oral sex on demand’ little pussy licker while enduring my exquisite verbal and physical abuse (mocking, slapping, face spitting, etc). I want to be licked into a few goddess orgasms before I go out partying at the bars with my girlfriends– also making my slave tongue shine and polish my heavenly asshole and lick it clean because, well…you never know what might happen on these crazy nights >Smiley

The last scene is later when I got back to the hotel after going out and I’ve already taken my leggings and boots off (wasn’t wearing panties), and I’m really tipsy! My dumbass slave just waited around all night for my return…he even licked another pair of my boots clean for me while I was out lol! he just sits there on his knees, holding up my stinky foot and worshiping it like a god while I talk about how I danced all night with other men…what a fucking loser! I had SO many men hitting on me and buying drinks, and there was so much dancing and grinding and “feeling up” going on– I kept texting my slave about what a good time I was having and it sucks to be him!!! he just kneels there like a dumbass, sniffing my foot sweat from all the partying I did, saying “you can do whatever you want and I’ll just be here waiting for you to come home to kiss your feet and sniff them while you tell me about your hot dates” HOW PATHETIC, kneeling there with his face in my foot, sniffing all the sweat and foot grime after a long night. I slap his face around with my foot, telling him I’ll dance with whoever I want…he is nothing but a fuck toy! he wants to fuck my glistening pussy sooooo bad…so does everyone else! Only thing he gets for new years is being totally humiliated by his Goddess!!!
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FemaleWorship – I Think That’s Good – Aubree Ice

After a long midday nap, gorgeous Aubree Ice loves to be rejuvenated with some oral worship. This need is tended to quite easily as she simply summons a nearby male and he gets to work pleasing her.
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FemdomEmpire – Double Our Pleasure – Alina Lopez, Ariana Marie

If you think it’s tough trying to please one Mistress then try pleasing two demanding Women who always get what they want in and out of bed. Mistress Ariana Marie and Alina Lopez use and abuse their sex slave riding and fucking his face getting as many orgasms as they desire. When they have used him up for their own pleasure they throw him back into his cage where he spends every minute of every day.
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