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Punishment for my sissy bitch by Mistress Antonella

Mistress Antonella is so pretty in her black catsuit & corset and black high heel stiletto shoes, her sissy wears a nice red very short nightie & red stocking and a collar with chains linking up to nipples clamps. Mistress Antonella punishes her sissy bitch because she was 30 minutes late, so, after 30 minutes in cage where her sissy bitch was crying, she ties her hands and she whips her on hands 30 times. And Mistress Antonella fucks her bitch’s mouth with a very huge black dick, her sissy has a big mouth of bitch and swallows with deep throats the huge dick.

After that, Mistress Antonella decides to focus on her ass of bitch in order to increase her garage of dicks. She begin by a nice , so wonderful view to see all the hand enters in the ass of this bitch. Then, she put a strap-on with a black huge dick and she sodomize her sissy so hard and so long time. Then, her sissy has to suck the big dick after sodomization in order to clean it.
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Mistress Ezada & Mistress Gaia having so much fun with their Slave, using his ass with amazing black strap-on´s and he is so helpless and has to take what the Ladies want
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KinkyMistresses – Double Fist – Lilse von Hitte

Mistress Lilse von Hitte in a hot kinky anal clip. See how she put her sexy hands, coverd with red latex deep into the ass of her Slaveboy. He can handle a double fisting?
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CarmenRivera – July 19, 2019 – Chris “Schock” Cock

Power Pussy at Insomnia Night Cub

The stretch limo rolls up at the Hardcore Party at Berlin’s Insomnia Nightclub. It’s PARTY TIME! Lady Carmen has brought along some of her favorite guests for this epic orgy to be, including super slutty FitxXxSandy, muscle goddess Mistress Tigress, Frank (and his tattooed butt,) and many willing slaves. The ‘fuck-crowd’ gathered at the bar get things started with FitxXxSandy, as she always does, not being able to get her mouth full enough of the excited slave cocks present. Frank was filled with lust, having seen the scene unfold, while Lady Carmen was, too. Surprisingly, Lady Carmen used her world-famous dildo-fucking skills right there, taking one of FitxXxSandy’s sluts and bending them over the bar to be thoroughly used for arousing penetration. Now feverish in his enthusiasm, Frank, and his tattooed butt, were soon strapped into his gyn chair, ready, willing, and wanting to be stretched to pleasure by XXL anal toys! In the midst of what was slowly becoming a sultry crowd of people dancing, fisting, and fucking, Frank was being anally invaded by Lady Carmen. Our attention now turns to Mistress Tigress, the beautiful Black power-domme, who describes herself as “your dream come true and your worst nightmare.” Tigress took a slave between her legs, crushing the breath from him with the exquisite power of her well-developed thighs and legs. Later, Tigress’ slave was bound and looking very helpless. Lady Carmen emerged, having left Frank in orgasmic bliss, saw this, and was impressed by Tigress’ work. “A dildo should be in the ass of this slave, too, Carmen thinks as while Mistress Tigress has him locked between her legs, Carmen delivers a phenomenally pleasurable pounding that proves that it’s the muscles of the Mistresses that do it all. FitxXxSandy is not to be denied upping the ante for the festival of lust that the night has become. Surrounded by slutty slaves, the cock meat circus surrounding her begin to lustfully take all of her holes, in every way, with great energy. Most wild of all, the two slaves who give her a double penetration, stuffing their hard cocks deep into her wet and horny pussy. They finally soak Sandy’s tits in their hard-earned, thick, and heavy shots of cum. The slaves, taking notice of the palace of depraved pleasure that the club has become, sleeplessly disappear into the night of Berlin.
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OublietteClip Store – Anal Punch

Chastised sissy slut is going to take the fisst of Mistress Paris! This is the only way slut gets to orgasm so she best enjoy it whilst it lasts, and enjoy it she does, the harder the punching the harder she cums!
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KinkyMistresses – A Fucking Machine In Berlin – Bella Lugosi

Mistress Bella Lugosi is so proud to use the famous , powerfull compressed air driven fucking machine in the Berlin dungeon Avalon. The little ass of her Slave can hadle this ??
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Penetrated by Queen Jennifer Carter and Carmen Rivera: No Pain No Gain

His fuckability and associated ass hornyness is only topped by the two mistresses by an “Afghan whip”. If the slave will keep his ass horny despite the particularly hard “Anal punishment” and painful “Bastinade” the anal madness expects him on the BOOMER GYNCHAIR.
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Mistress Asmondena – Goddess Asmondena Teaches You To Wank

The video is just perfect for my little filthy pigs, who need to get really stuffed. Dressed in my sexy black latex catsuit I tell you in the most extreme way how you must get it filled. Since you explain certain things best by doing, I invited the extreme slut “Chantal” for that purpose. Dressed up like a slutty trans, she just could not help being horny.

Absolutely a must-see 🙂
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RubberEmpire – Rubber Goddess Cheyenne – Die Heilung von Gummipüppchen 16 (Part2)

The rubber doll just can not take his fingers of his little penis, the next step in Therapy should be now the fucking machine in Combination with the Hitachi vibrator. The little doll groans, moans and fights for his orgasm but as the Mistress turn around, the fingers are back again at the brick. Well, there is only one thing that helps and so on the mistress gets to the infinite horror of the doll a new key on the waistband.
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SubbyHubby – Becoming Vanessa’s Servant Part 5: Ass Stretching

Goddess Vanessa wants to know if her sissy bitch is ready for phase 5 of his servant training. The bitch says yes, but Goddess Vanessa isn’t so sure. She is wearing a huge black cock that she is about to pound her sissy with, but first she wants to beat his ass some more. She already punished his bare bottom with her small leather paddle. But her servants need to be able to take more pain that that! She is now holding a larger wooden paddle with holes drilled it it for maximum pain. She bends her sissy over, on the couch and paddles her bitch several times. Just to give her sissy an idea of what will happen if he ever displeases her. Now that his ass is completely ready, Vanessa uses her large corkscrew shaped butt plug to open her slave’s ass. Her cock is huge and she wants him to able to take every inch. By the time Goddess Vanessa is done pushing and turning the corkscrew into the sissy ass, he is a blubbering mess. Too bad for him. Goddess Vanessa’s servants take everything that pleases her. Whether its humiliation, pain or pleasure. Finally, the pathetic sissy must clean his filth off the freshly used butt plug. How degrading it is for him to suck his own ass juice. Now the bitch is ready for the final test!
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