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DirtyDommes – Punished boot fucked slave part 2

Our boot slave has been such a disappointment lately, bringing us cheap and nasty boots! Now he must feel the punishment as we spitroast him with our boot heels and toys. Maybe now he will finally know his place beneath us Ladies.
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DirtyDommes – Nikki’s anal slut part 2

What an anal whore! Nikki’s slut cannot get enough of her big strap-on cock! But she pushes his limits even further and stretches his butthole to the max. After all the pleasure should be hers and he is just her ass puppet.
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DirtyDommes – Punished boot fucked slave part 1

Spoiling your Mistress with gifts is a beautiful thing to do, but don’t bring cheap and nasty looking items! You will get punished…as our slave is about to find out. Lady Victoria is far from pleased with these thigh high boots and we have decided to teach the slave a lesson. His own gift will be used to punish him. First he must worship the nasty boots before his butthole gets fucked by the heels!
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FemdomEmpire – Valentina Nappi – Prostate Orgasm Explorations

Mistress Valentina knows the way to a slave’s heart and that is thru his prostate. Her anal gimp has been begging for an orgasm and knows the only way he is ever allowed them is thru anal stimulation. Valentina uses her magical fingers to fuck his ass while she strokes his hard cock. Just when her gimp thinks he has been thoroughly milked his Mistress shoves a giant plug inside his slut-hole right where it belongs. He is so horny that she not only milks out one load but makes him cum twice with his prostate getting fucked and massaged just the right way.
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RubberEmpire – Rubber Whore must suck

The mistress with 3 horny rubberdolls in a completely naughty bi rubber Orgie. Whereby her male Rubber Whore is first shown by the female rubber slut what a good blow job is and then he has to blow the Dick of the rubber slaves on the command of the mistress itself. Especially mean is that while he must suck he gets first the fist from his Mistress in the ass and then fucked by both Ladies
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Dominatrix Annabelle – Hooked, Bound & Orgasmed!

This is another example of just how much fun I have with my gentleman friends! While placing my dear mailman over the whipping bench, in his usual inimitable way, his hands wondered too far, and whollop! My hand print is all too clear to see, that was my reaction, and the laughter that came from my thwack was evident, as you will witness! Another WOW, and you’ll see just how clear my print is, when you watch this fun loving movie! The hand print above has not been altered, or enhanced, it’s exactly that! Just one smack of my hand, and my goodness, he felt it! FemDomme BDSM and Fetish IS all about two people engaging in fun and often experimentation! Despite always having a plan and being fully prepared, there are times when I will suddenly change things, and it comes so very naturally.
My main aim is for the both of us to always have as much fun and excitement as we can, and that’s the way I love to engage in real life sessions. My movies mirror my enthusiasm,
encouragement, and excitement during each and every session, whether in role play, or just sharing each others interests, while I find ways of delving deep into ones pysche, in order to push those delightful boundaries!
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Divine Bitches – March 13, 2018 – Eliza Jane, Corbin Dallas

Corbin Dallas Gets Deep Fisted and Fucked by Eliza Jane
Eliza Jane is a sweet, petite blonde on the outside, but she’s a sadistic, devious seductress on the inside. Corbin Dallas arrives for his weekly appointment, and she runs him through the ringer. She starts by suspending him over the bed, teasing his cock in chastity, and gagging him with a ball gag. She then proceeds to abuse him with clothespins and a crop, swatting the clothespins off of him in striking, stinging succession. She humiliates him by feeding him her beautiful feet. Then takes the gag off and shoves his face in her ass to make her cum. While he’s still in chastity she puts on a monstrous strap-on and rams the massive fucker into his tight hole. Corbin takes the beastly thing as Eliza slams him deep and hard, deriving enormous pleasure from his pain. She then flips him over, and shoves her fist into his ass, working him and pumping him while he loses himself in the sensation of being so filled and fucked. Finally, Eliza gives Corbin a taste of what he’s been wanting. She makes a deal with him, if he can make her cum, he might get to slide into her perfect, dripping pussy. So she sits on his face, sliding her wet cunt all over his mouth and tongue until she cums. Then she uses his cock to get off, riding him until she cums yet again. As a reward, she makes him cum while she’s sitting on his face, then feeds him his own hot load.
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