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GloveMansion – Gloved nipple and pussy exam part 2

The female patient is undergoing an intense orgasm session, as this is what she needs to feel better. Doctor Liza inserts her latex gloved fingers deep inside Tina for maximum impact. It seems to be working, looking at the horny face Tina is making, she absolutely loves those surgical gloves.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Transforming My Son’s Girlfriend, Part 1

A sexy, new multipart series with Cupcake Sinclair! (@Subbie_Cupcake on Twitter) My son’s girlfriend has asked to speak with me about an issue regarding my son. It seems he’s been pressuring her to have sex before marriage. Now, little Cupcake here is a virgin, and doesn’t want to have sex before marriage. She’s distraught. She doesn’t know how to communicate with him and has come to me, his mother, for help. But I sense a different opportunity here. Being an expert in hypn0-therapy, I convince her to go into trance for me in order to ease her mind. She goes down quickly and quietly and suddenly she is putty in my hands. I decide that this little sweet thing is too cute not to be sucking cock. Virginity is wasted on her beautiful body. I inform her that she is going to be my new little slut pet. I’m going to teach her to suck and fuck like a pro. But first, she’ll have to learn to worship her new Goddess. She’ll start off worshipping my feet, and then the real fun will begin.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Sensual Nylon Worship

I’ve lured the lovely Cheyenne Jewel into my hotel room for some fun with nylons. After spending all day in latex, it’s nice to come back and relax in some breathable clothes with a beauty such as Cheyenne. Relaxing very quickly turns into Cheyenne kissing and worshiping my silky nylon pantyhose. She loves to work her lips up and down my legs and ultimately down to worship my feet. Her mouth wrapped around my foot feels so warm and sensual. Her ass in the air with her lips around my toes is such a lovely sight after a long day. Cheyenne knows how to put me in good mood.
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GloveMansion – Gloved nipple and pussy exam part 1

I am ready for my next patient. Tina is a stunning girl but she seems to suffer from tension and is in need of some Dr Liza love. Her nipples and clit have not had much sensation for a long time so I examine them with my long surgical gloves on and start using my vacuum pump on them. Now they are inflated, Tina is starting to relax and enjoy my treatment…and my sexy latex gloves. An orgasm will certainly make her all better!
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Lick My Latex Pussy

The second part to my popular clip Latex Bathtub Domination with submissive Cupcake Sinclair! I’ve tied up this cute little sweet treat in my hotel room. Now both of us are wet and clad in latex in the bathtub. Cupcake is going to worship my latex clad pussy here. I revel in her little kisses and licks all along the latex panties covering my ass and pussy. She’s such a good little submissive as she moans and worships in the warm water. It’s not long before I decide her pussy needs some attention so I decide to tease her with my foot. She’s such a good little slut, going down on all fours for her Goddess. Such a good, lucky, pretty little slut.
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GloveMansion – Dirty latex nurses

Latex nurses Coco and Lexie love gloving each other and getting down and dirty at the clinic. These two hot babes get so horny from wearing their latex uniforms and surgical gloves…they are soaking wet!
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GloveMansion – Leather slave girl fucked by Princess Nikki part 2

Princess Nikki has her slave girl Anina firmly under control and uses her leather gloved hands and strap-on for her kinky pleasure. Lots of sucking and fucking is going on as these gloved babes have kinky fun in the garden.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Latex Bathtub Domination

In Las Vegas I had the pleasure of meeting submissive Cupcake Sinclair at a party I was hosting. She arrived in a cute little pink latex outfit and I knew I just had to get her in my hotel room. The bathroom in my suite is just big enough to play in, so I decide to tie up Cupcake and have my way with her. Both of us clad in latex in the warm bath, our make out session is steamy and sexy. After teasing her with my feet, I’m going to make her worship my latex covered pussy. A sweet little thing like this, I may never let her leave the room.
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Glove Mansion – Lesbian leather glove sex

Are you a big fan of sexy girls in leather gloves? Then let Misha Cross and Candy Alexa treat you to an amazing lesbian glove sex clip. Both girls have so much fun trying on different gloves, ensuring a great fit. They love the smell and taste of leather. They even get a bit creative in ensuring each other the maximum pleasure. Would you like to see these hot booted and gloved babes in action?
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Kinky Mistresses – Fetish Nelja – A very sexy fetish session

Nelja has tied her slave to her bed, oils her dark body and loves to tease her with her latex gloves. A very sexy fetish session
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Glove Mansion – Leather Slave Girl Fucked by Princess Nikki

Princess Nikki looks amazing in her LEATHER outfit, this hot blonde sure is sexy and kinky! She is ready to play with her slave girl Anina. Ready to FUCK her with her big STRAP-ON cock and make her moan with excitement from feeling that dick going inside her deep as she feels Nikki’s LEATHER GLOVES on her wet PUSSY. Hot!
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Astro Domina – Bondage Mayhem – Part 2

After over powering Mr Angel and his secretary Natalie, Sydney moves them both to the bedroom for some more fun. Natalie is bound and gagged on the bed, ass up in the air, ready to be fucked. Alrik is also bound and gagged and will be made to watch from the door opening as Sydney molests and butt fucks Natalie. Natalie, who we discovered has a dick, is wearing a chastity device and takes Sydney’s strap on in the ass like a pro. When Sydney is done butt fucking Natalie, she puts both victims on the bed for some more rope checking, **** and taunting. Now that she was able to take both anal virginity, it’s time to take the fun a step or two further. To be continued…
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Glove Mansion – Lesbian rubber glove tease

Cleaning? No way! Lexie and Coco know how to use their rubber gloves for more pleasurable things! Watch these two girls have fun with each other in the office, they are such horny gloved babes.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Vegas Balcony Fuck

After warming her up in my hotel room, I decide it’s time to fuck Cheyenne Jewel outside on the balcony where everyone can see her. My hotel is right on the Las Vegas Strip, so when I tie her to the railing of the balcony, she’s in full view of everyone. It’s a busy Saturday night too. With my strap on, I’m going to make her moan so loud everyone on the street will be able to hear her. Naked and writhing, I’m going to show all of Vegas what a little submissive slut she is.
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