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GloveMansion – Glove smothered by female burglar part 1

She is unaware I am coming closer, my leather gloved hands are ready to strike and grab her. Now she is mine! She will speak, she will tell me where I can find those documents I have been looking for. I am a pro spy and burglar and I won’t take no for an answer. I have ways of making her talk and in the meantime I have my fun with her.
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SevereSexFilms – September 13, 2019 – Victoria Voxxx, Dee Williams, Jason Michaels

Cuckolded By My Mom! (Part 1 or 4)

Jason isn’t having much luck finding a girl online (his nasty troll approach leaves much to be desired), so he hires an escort. Cheyenne (Victoria Voxxx) is grossed out by his dirty, messy basement room, and annoyed when he tries to haggle about her price. And she absolutely refuses to get on sheets that haven’t been changed in ages. Jason stomps off and returns with a pretty comforter, ready for his blow job. But not so fast. Jason’s mother (Dee Williams) barges in, pissed off that Jason has taken the comforter off her bed. Jason tries to pass his escort off as his girlfriend, but it doesn’t help that he doesn’t know her name. Cheyenne thinks it’s hilarious that Jason lives in his mother’s basement, and the two women start to chat. And pay each other compliments. Pretty soon, mom kicks Jason off the bed and starts to kiss Cheyenne, all the while insulting her loser son. Jason sits by helplessly as the women undress and mom starts to lick Cheyenne’s pussy. (Part 1 of 4)
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Chateau-Cuir – Biker girls cum in their leathers

Wow these biker girls are hot in their leggings, jackets and gloves! And they are feeling very horny too! Sarah and Coco certainly know how to tease and play with each other dressed like this. With the help of their tongues and a vibrator they want to reach their leather indused orgasm.
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BizarreVideo – August 30, 2019 – Sophie Lynx, Aleska Diamond


Kneeling almost naked in front of her employer, her wrists bound in front of her, Sophie is persuaded to prepare the dildo for penetration by sucking on it. When the toy is finally glistening with her saliva, she is bent over the bed and fucked deeply in the pussy. Mistress Aleska puts Sophie back on her knees on the bed and boffs her box from behind. Mistress Aleska wants to impress discipline on her maid, and to this end, she fucks Sophie in her asshole. She rides the girl’s butt ruthlessly and even plays with Sophie’s pussy at the same time. Finally, Mistress Aleska has Sophie lick her pussy through the little slit in the strap-on harness. The maid does as she is told.
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GloveMansion – Horny Leather Gloves Threesome Part 1

Love leather gloves? So do girlfriends Dunia and Yoha! They get very naughty, hot and kinky on the terrace! Both babes adore the feeling of soft leather on their skin and wet pussies. They get so turned on that they don’t even notice the guy showing up behind them.
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Spizoo – July 30, 2019 – Silvia Saige, Briana Banks, Sophia Grace

The Lesbians Show

The ultimate stripper experience is here!!! Enjoy all the pleasures of an incredible strip show…but MUCH MORE. The legendary Briana Banks brings her two slutty friends, Silvia Saige and Sophia Grace on stage and things get absolutely wild. The clothes coming off is just the beginning of this hot show. Watch them lick, finger, and ride each other’s faces while working the stripper pole like the professional sluts that they are. They moan and climax as these sexy slut worship one another. This mix of blonde, brunette and busty will drive you crazy…you’ll be throwing money at the screen.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – A Pretty Slave’s Reward

Featuring @RaevynxRose! My cute little slave has been a good girl. She demonstrated her skills in cocksucking to my satisfaction and now it is time for her reward. Tied up to the couch, I’m going to fuck her slutty little hole. As she moans and cries out, I can’t help but laugh. She’s such a horny little thing. But there’s no reason I should do all the work. Before she’s done being fucked, she’s going to have to ride me. Driving my cock deeper and deeper with each motion.
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GloveMansion – Rubber maids glove sex part 1

It is time to do the dishes but the soapy fun these two rubberclad maids have quickly turns in to a hot and steamy lesbian scene. Nesty and Vicky are both so horny and love having fun with their WET household gloves.
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Wasteland – July 25, 2019 – Mistress Irony, Ava Mir-Ausziehen

Ass Jewelry

It’s obvious that Mistress Irony is bored and while playing with her sub-Ava, she decides to demand of her some rather unusual activities. It would seem that no matter how odd the request, Ava still managers to have a huge squirting orgasm, much to her Mistress’s surprise.
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July 9, 2019 – Hell To Pay

Lazy housemaid Athina is caught loafing on the job by her employer Brandy Smile, and there will be hell to pay in various delightful forms, After getting scolded and face-slapped by her boss, Athina is put in leather handcuffs and then receives a bare bottom spanking. Next, she has to grovel before and then lick Brandy’s stunning black high heeled boots, footwear which turns the ordinarily 5’7" Mistress Smile into a six-foot-tall Amazon, making for quite a contrast when she stands up proudly next to the barefoot maid. More spanking follows, and punitive cunnilingus too, followed by a flogging on Athina’s fine cheeks! Mistress Brandy even spanks her maid’s soles. But the chastisement is not over by any means. Brandy gets naked only to put on a crotch harness complete with a red dildo! And her maid is going to learn the full extent of Brandy’s control when she fucked in her asshole.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – A Pretty Slave’s Task

Featuring @RaevynxRose! My cute little slave has been so patient lately. Tied up in rope, she’s been waiting all day for attention from her Goddess. With that in mind, I’ve decided to let her out and walk her through her paces in cock sucking. First I’m going to get her nice and warmed up with the Hitachi. Being in the closet all day can really stiffen a girl up. Then she’ll show me her skills by sucking my strap-on like the little slut she is. If she can perform well, she may deserve a reward of her very own.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – The Queen’s Eggs Part 1: Preparation

The alien Queen of a faraway planet has been looking for a new host for her young. She’s searched from planet to planet, looking for the most healthy and beautiful of each race to implant her eggs into. She has found that the most lewd and perverted women of the universe serve has the best incubators for her eggs. Which is why today, Raevyn is her chosen host. Raevyn was just masturbating away when The Queen came down from her ship and flooded Raevyn with sexual pheromones. Raevyn became suddenly so very horny and couldn’t resist the alien Queen’s touch. Now The Queen is going to prepare her host by bringing her to orgasm. After the host is well and prepared, the eggs will go in soon after.
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