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Clubstiletto – The Office Job Competition – Miss Jasmine, Mistress Kandy, Mistress Meana Wolf

Mistress Kandy, Mistress Meana, and Miss Jasmine are on the hunt for a new employee to work for their company, FemDom Corp. The employee’s duties will not be comprised of the usual day-to-day office duties, however. Instead he’ll be required to worship, serve, and suffer for all three Mistresses, day after day after day. along with manual labor tasks, too, of course. There’s only one position available but there are two applicants. Such a dilemma! So, the Mistresses decide it will be fun to hold a competition to see which lowly male will make the best office slave.

They plan to test the applicants in various ways – pony play, stilettos, trampling, shoe and foot worship, spitting, ass worship, and toilet slavery. Watch as the ladies put these two bitches through their paces until the winner is finally declared. For fun, we included a behind-the-scenes piece where a short blooper is shown, discussed, and re-shot, as well as the lucky winning slave’s final words, “What guy wouldn’t do anything to be in his place?” If you have office fantasies of powerful women bosses, you’ll love this clip!
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GoddessFootDomination – Bound To My Pantyhose – Rharri Rhound

Foot goddess Rharri Rhound has a slave bound and ready to worship her stocking covered feet. She casually sips a glass of wine while the sub attentively sniffs her feet and rubs his face in her soles. The goddess offers him the chance to bury his face in her pantyhose covered ass and inhale her wonderful sweetness. After successful groveling, Rharri sits above the foot slave and places her feet on his waiting face while he is permitted to masturbate. She shoves her feet into his mouth as he jerks his cock to an explosive tribute to Rharri Rhound.
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GloveMansion – Erotic satin glove satisfaction part 1

Now this is treat! Two stunning gloved girls, wearing their sexiest lingerie, teasing this guy’s cock with their hands. He must be in heaven! Nesty and Coco are in a very naughty mood and they know the effect their soft satin gloves have on his dick. It just keep growning bigger and they want to taste it.
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MistressIsisde – Disgusting Foot Gagging

After a day passed outside I order my domestic slave to massage my feet but in a while his cock is immediately excited. I notice that he is excessively pleased to see me but I have in my mind a sure way to let him pass this excess of happiness so that his mind has no other unnecessary distractions. First I let him taste my feet for a few fleeting moments but only because I want to open the way and thrust my foot down to his throat. I really want to have fun fucking his mouth so hard and so tough that very soon it will be impossible for him not to issue real retchings. This is only the beginning, very soon the situation will take a very unpredictable turn…

Dopo una giornata passata fuori ordino al mio schiavo domestico di massaggiarmi i piedi ma in un attimo il suo cazzo e subito eccitato. Noto che si mostra eccessivamente contento di vedermi ma io ho in mente un modo infallibile per fargli passare questo eccesso di felicita in modo che la sua mente non abbia altre distrazioni inutili. Prima gli faccio assaporare per alcuni fugaci istanti i miei piedi ma solo perche voglio farmi strada e ficcargli il mio piede giu fino alla gola. Voglio proprio divertirmi a scopargli la bocca in modo cosi forte e deciso che molto presto sara impossibile per lui non emettere dei veri e propri conati. Questo e solo l’inizio, molto presto la situazione prendera una piega assai imprevedibile…
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Clubstiletto – These Cucks Can Never Get Enough Training

Miss Raevyn is sitting on the bed and says that her friend Miss Jasmine has lent her her cuckold for the day. She calls the dumb but obedient creature over and he rushes in on all fours. “Sniff my stockings” she tells him. “You can just never train them enough, it’s a constant struggle” she says. What a divine Princess Raevyn is, and she knows it and has no trouble treating the slave like a piece of meat. She comments how Jasmine has blackmailed the slave and he has no choice now but to do whatever he is told. “He brings home a pay check and does all the dirty work” she explains. As he sniffs her stockings she rubs her other foot into his hair. “Now come up here and sniff my boyfriend” she tells him as he moves in bringing his nose to her pussy. “I have a couple boyfriends coming over and I want you to fluff them for me” she says and then tells him to practice on her foot. She shoves the nylon clad foot into his mouth. She uses the other foot to press his head down on the foot. She warns him that the guys might beat him if they aren’t happy so she expects to do a good job.

Now Raevyn has the slave get on the bed as she wants to sit on his face. As she blocks his nose and mouth she tells him to stroke his tiny cock as she’s curious to see how big it actually gets. She moves into a forward position and her ass looks amazing crushing his face. Her skin so youthfully smooth and elastic, her wonderful bubble butt. The slave struggles hopefully aware that being in this position is one most guys would do anything for. She moves into a reverse position again and lets the slave kick while looking at you and saying “I bet you wish it was you.”
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DirtyDommes – Cum eating foot loser

Princess Nikki enjoys wearing her soft black pantyhose and has called her house servant to come closer. He is such a horndog for her nyloned legs and feet! Miss Nikki shows her slave which spots he may worship but she also teases him with her sexy pussy and ass by sitting on his face. Of course this worthless piece of meat will only get to jerk off on to his Mistress’ feet because she loves to watch him eat cum in front of her. Licking that salty spunk off her pantyhose is the best orgasm he will ever get!
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This slave is always begging but today I’m definitely not in the mood to feel unnecessary supplication, since I don’t even want to whip him I decided to plug his fucking mouth in another way much more congenial. In fact, I will force him to put all my foot in his mouth while I hold his head tight with the chain of the leash, in this way it’s very easy for me to come up with real gags and when I decide to have forced enough his fucking mouth, I will force him to clean up all the slime he left on my beautiful feet !!!
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DirtyDommes – FF stockings trampling part 2

Our human carpet is getting trampled by our divine FF nyloned clad feet, he is ours to use. He is allowed to worship our beautiful feet after he has suffered for us.
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Clubstiletto – Sheer Stocking Bliss – Miss Jasmine

Miss Jasmine loves her new beautiful sheer stockings but says what she needs most is some foot worship and pampering from her slave boy. She has him remove her stiletto and start by kissing her toes. “The fabric is so sheer that if you lick them you will see my feet as if the nylons aren’t even there” she tells him. The slave eagerly starts to worship her feet with his mouth and hands and then she orders him to also worship her legs. She orders the slave up and down her legs and to her feet while she lays back and relaxes, the slave at the end of her chain.

She then has him get on the bed so she can place her sole on his face. She moves her feet up and down his face and across his tongue. “Use both of your hands because if you’re lazy I’ll ball bust you” she warns him. The slave massages her feet, ankles and legs and Jasmine is pleased with his efforts but still can’t resist talking about his balls being busted. Well massaged feet and legs will have her in fine form to hurt him so she makes sure his service is very thorough. Great clip for lovers of pantyhose on a hot dominant and demanding woman.
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Miss Jasmine has her employee of the month on his knees in front of her. She explains that he is most obedient and subservient employee she has. Today she is going to reward him, which really means rewarding herself. “Today he is staying after work and he will worship me in any manner I so desire” she says. She tells him to remove her stilettos because she wants her all day sweaty nylons in his face. She brings one foot up to his face and like an obedient mutt he starts sniffing.

“In the early days he was arrogant and passive aggressive” she says, “but he has worked hard to earn this position and is now at my beck and call.” Jasmine spreads her legs to reveal her pussy in her crotchless panties and laughs that he can’t help but look despite knowing he never gets any. She explains that once employees pass their three month probation they are placed in permanent chastity. The slave eagerly sniffs and kissed her feet and legs. She asks if you are prepared to work hard to serve her, to be like her employee or maybe take his place? Next Jasmine kneels on the chair and has the slave kiss her soles and then work his way up her leg. She has a date tonight and likes to have her slave, er employee, there to get her warmed up. Help Wanted, apply now!
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GoddessFootDomination – Phone Sex With Slave at Her Pantyhose Covered Feet

Fulfill your hottest voyeuristic fantasy by watching the beautiful Sophia Leone engage in phone sex while having an obedient slave worship her pantyhose covered feet. The foot slave lavishes her high heeled shoes and feet with kisses while she totally ignores him. Sophia is engrossed in the telephone conversation and getting really hot from the teasing. She rubs her bare breasts and fingers her sweet pussy. The slave removes her shoes and savors the flavor of her feet in stockings. As Sophia Leone brings herself to orgasm she instructs the slave to jerk off on her perfect pantyhose covered feet. When he spills his load she serves it to him as a snack served straight off her stocking clad feet and toes.
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SubbyHubby – Becoming Joslyn’s Bitch Part 4: BBC Fucking

The time has come for Goddess Joslyn’s husband to watch up close how a real man fucks his wife’s pussy. He must suffer through the humiliation of his boss, Mr. Slayer, slaying his wife with his giant sized black cock. Joslyn looks so hot, wearing red lingerie and red stockings, as she bounces up and down on her man’s BBC with joy. Her husband never came close to pleasing her this way. To make sure her husband is totally degraded and humbled, Joslyn forces him to worship her feet while Mr. Slayer continues to pound her pussy. Like a good boy, Joslyn’s bitch husband cleans Mr. Slayer’s cum out of her pussy. What a bitch Joslyn’s once proud husband has become!
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Clubstiletto – Submissive Bitch – Miss XI

Miss XI relaxes on the bed while she leisurely checks things out on her phone. Her slave lies on the floor beside her with his head locked in her toilet box. “I’ve been selling a lot of ballbusting clips, so we need to get your pain threshold up so you can help out with that,” she says to him. A muffled reply comes from the box. XI rises to her feet and kicks the box before she removes the lid, in order to see her slave through the toilet hole as she asks whether he heard her. When he replies, she shuts the lid back down, not at all interested in his pathetic babbling.

She decides to let him out of the box because her armpits are stinky and she needs them licked, so she undoes the lock. She lifts her arms and makes him smell her pits before she tells him to lick up and down, in order to get all the sweat. This is such an intimate moment for the slave, and it’s more than he deserves, really. She makes him lick her pits, spits in his face, and then sticks her nylon feet in his face and into his mouth. She makes him thank her for her attention, then kicks him with her perfect size four feet. She decides she needs a shower so tells him to get his head back in the box, and when she returns, she’ll be dousing him in a pitcher of her chilled p1ss, which she has waiting in the fridge. For now, he will wait in the box with the taste of her sweat on his tongue.
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