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Giantess makes u her foot & toilet slave

Giantess wakes you up and start you off with a foot worship session then moves you on to a shower, in my pussy juices ready to make you her toilet slave she pisses all over you!
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Mistress Gaia – Erasing Ken

Please Mistress Gaia may I have another crushing / giantess video. If possible, with open sandals and stiletto heels and enamel on the nails. If you could use a puppet like KEN and get angry and concentrate on his head. During the dialogue I love hearing you say I’ll kick you! I’ll kick you! while you do it. I so enjoy your work, you’re the cruelest mistress I’ve ever seen. Thank you from your faithful worm…
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PrettyBambi – James and the giant ass

So this is the tale of a tiny man named James.A long time ago, in a far away land there was a man named James. One day James made a mistake that would cost him everything. You see, James wasn’t the smartest and on this day he really showed it. He truly underestimated the strength and power of Bambi and her plump granny-panty covered ass.While out and about Bambi accidently ripped a huge juicy fart and James decided to tease her about it. Trying to embarrass her in front of everyone!! So she shrunk him down to this tiny size. James knows he must be punished, and he will soon find out what he is in for. Will Bambi show mercy or will she give him the ultimate punishment? We shall see.
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TheRealQueendom – Farmed for a Giantess Goddess

See more Giantess Eat at The Queendom: Mistress An Li: You Have Two Options Madam RavenRae: RavenRae Goddess of Eat Astro Domina: Astro Domina Goddess of Eat Mistress An Li is a Goddess of Eat, that is, a Goddess who lives by consuming countless living sacrifices. You may think you’re here of your own free will, but really its been her divine hand that has guided you all along. All over the world are thousands of people who dream of taking your place inside the belly of this Goddess and soon enough each and every one of them will find their way there. “Think about it like this, you’re just part of my farm. You’re just something that I breed and I eat,” she says, scooping you body up into her giant hand. No man has ever survived an encounter with a Goddess of Eat and you won’t be any different. A mix of excitement and fear wash over you as An Li describes what being consumed will be like and shows you for the last time, Her beautiful body. “You’ll be going in my mouth, down my throat, down my esophagus, down into my body, where I’ll digest you alive and whole.” It won’t be fast. You’ll have time to either enjoy or regret your situation. No one can help you now, get ready to be devoured! Mistress An Li, Eat, Giantess, Swallowed Alive, Femme Fatale Fantasy
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Also see the alternate version of this video: Your New Life with Jada: Eaten Alive

“Are you still wanting to do this whole shrunken slave thing?” Jada asks, wondering why you would want to give up a good life as her boyfriend. You might think you know what you’d be getting into, but Jada is convinced you haven’t thought it all the way through. “Once I shrink you I will never be able to un-shrink you,” she warns. “And then you won’t be my boyfriend anymore, you’ll be my shrunken SLAVE!” She wants you understand you’ll have to go along with whatever Jada wants to do, “You won’t have a choice.” None of her warnings deter you though as you insist that this is what you truly want. With a shrug Jada commands you to bend down and kiss her ass if you really want to be shrunk. Once you do your life as you know it is over and you quickly feel yourself blacking out as the world around you seems to grow.

The view switches to 3rd person her and Jada quickly picks your tiny body up between her fingers, bringing you closer to her beautiful face to share her plans for you. “I’ve always wanted to know what it feels like to… have someone in my ass!” Jada smiles as she explains, already imagining the way your little struggles will tickle her throughout the day. Jada knows how much you loved it when she sat on your face and this is really the ultimate form of facesitting, so you should love it right? Jada puts you to the test, making sure you can survive by sitting on you and trying to compress you beneath her big, juicy booty! When she realizes that you won’t be crushed she decides to try trapping you between her cheeks, so she lays on her stomach and drops you right into her ass crack! “So this is where you’re gonna live,” she says before pushing her soft cheeks closed around you. Jada’s ass completely envelops you and there is absolutely no way you’ll be able to get out! “No one is going to be able to hear you yelp! When I go to the gym you’re just gonna be in there, in my butt!” With that, Jada pulls her tight leggings up around you, sealing you into her ass to begin your new life as her shrunken ass slave!
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Not all giantess goddesses are evil. I for one am a perfect example of one who uses her power for good instead of just getting my jollies off by destroying boys. I am a adamant defender of my more vulnerable sisters who are preyed upon by sleazy creepy men. Unfortunately these darling lost girls aren’t imbued with the knowledge and ability to practice the dark art of growing 50 feet tall and stomping the absolutely shxt out of a dirtbag man. So I hunt these degenerate predators down for them. This loser thought he could come to my city and pimp out young desperate girls, making them do horribly sexually depraved things to survive. When I confronted him he even had the nerve to try and suggest hat he would make me peddle my ass for him. After he “tested me out” of course. Hearing this filthy pig say dirty things to me made me furious and it didn’t take long before I was growing and he was terrified. In the end it was me who had my way with him…and he ended up where he belonged, hosed off into the gutter with the used condoms and needles.
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Czech Soles - Giantess crushing puny cars
Giantess Eve wants to crush something and have some fun with all those puny vehicles at down at her feet and high heeled sandals. She selects her victims and crushes them until they are totaly broken in peaces and flat under her shoes! Those tiny cars, truck, tractor and even an airplane are all in pieces on the ground and giantess goddess Eve crushed them all. She can crush anything she want and there is nothing that can stop her. We are all at her mercy!
Category: CAR CRUSH
Keywords: Eve, crush, crushing, car, truck, airplane, tractor, destroy, giantess, giant, sandals, high heels, giantess crush, break, power
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American Mean Girls - Princess Bella, Goddess Raven - Shrink The Inferior Humans
Princess Bella
Goddess Raven


Who would have thought that Wonder Woman would listen to reason, haha! At first she was telling me to be nice to mortals but after I explained to her that it is fun to step on lowly humans, she finally got it! We had a nice chat about how great my new evil shrink ray was and we talked about the various foot grinding techniques we could use when stepping on shrunken men! Especially those mortals that write us emails and ask to kiss Wonder Womans feet! She hates that and is only too happy to give those losers what they deserve. I show her the man that I shrunk and put him in my shoe. Then I walk on him! Oh, it turns out that tenderized shrunken men taste delicious too!

Princess Bella and Goddess Raven
Categories: Superheroine, Giantess, Foot Fetish, Female Domination, Crush, Super Villains, Femdom
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