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GoddessFootjobs – Borrowing Step Dad’s Car – Nicole Grey

Nicole Grey is sitting on her bed when her stepdad comes in. She asks him for money to buy a new car. He’s willing to consider it, that is if she’ll play ball. Stepdad reaches for her feet and begins kissing them and sucking on her toes one by one. He can definitely help her if she’s willing to indulge him.

Stepdad lays back as Nicole starts rubbing his cock with her feet. He groans in pleasure as his cock is worked between her supple, young soles. Nicole works her stepdad’s cock with ease, flipping onto her knees and stroking as he admires her tight ass. He sneaks in a grope of her tits and then erupts all over her feet. Stepdad sighs in relief and agrees to take her to look for a new car.
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Clubstiletto – Manicure Pedicure Payback – Lady Bellatrix

Lady Bellatrix reclines on the bed, having just had her nails done. She calls her dumb slave over whose credit card she used to pay for them to appreciate how lovely they look. He disgusts her but this is payback for making him pay for the work. She has him start by removing each shoe in order to inhale the odor inside. She tells him to crawl closer and the idiot lays his hands on her feet without approval. She scolds him and tells him only to bring his nose close. He may have paid for the work but he is still a slave and will be treated cruelly as that is how Bellatrix treats beta males. She makes him beg for her feet, tells him how to do it, and warns that he’ll be dismissed if he gets it wrong. He takes her foot into his mouth and massages it with his hands. “I must get you into long term chastity,” Bellatrix tells him, adding, “And by that, I mean the rest of your life.” She says her challenge will be to find a cage small enough for him, and the camera pans in to show his little micro-dick, which has a shoe lace wrapped around it.

Bellatrix decides to take off her nylons, and while the slave has to bow his head so as not to see her ass, you’re lucky enough to get a glance. She waves her feet tantalizingly in front of you and the slave before she orders him to attend to them again. The slave stares at her beautiful feet and she permits him to sniff them while he massages each one. “Stick the big toe in your mouth and suck it,” Bellatrix instructs him, telling him to be careful not to nick the polish. The slave is allowed to suck each toe and Bellatrix leans back on the bed to afford him access to the soles. She raises her arms, looks directly at you, and says, “I bet you’d like to lick my armpits, too, wouldn’t you?” While the slave has been diligent in his efforts, Bellatrix calls him a dirty fucker and face fucks him with her foot.
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AmericanMeanGirls – Platinum’s Boyfriend Behavioral Correction Service

Tina’s ex-boyfriend wants to get back into her life, but he was a total “dawwg” and the only thing she really misses about him was his MONEY. (Tina says that he cheated on her a bunch of times and was really mean to her!) Besides, she is seeing someone else now. She explains that her new boyfriend is great in bed and everything, but the only problem with him is that he’s kinda broke. She comes to Platinum for a solution. Platinum has a mysterious ability to “retrain” male brains. She has a plan to help Tina out… A phonecall is placed to this jerk of an ex. Platinum teases him with the possibility of a facetime call!

He thinks he will be seeing her “boobs”- meanwhile the only boob involved here will be HIM! Because little does he know about Platinum’s psychic powers of mind control. Soon he is staring at Platinum’s purple mind-controlling crystal over the video call. It sways back & forth…and a “trigger word” is placed into his tiny male brain. He tries to fight it, but its futile to resist. The macho asshole is then summoned to Platinum’s office at Mean Girls headquarters to put her control to the test in person, and make sure it works completely before she turns the “retrained” macho asshole over to Tina.

And of course, Platinum’s training works like a charm. He is now ready to be taken to Tina’s house and literally GIVEN to her as her new HUMAN PET! Tina cannot believe this. This “daawg” of an ex-boyfriend is now crawling at her feet LITERALLY like a daawg- and even comes crawling to her with $$$ and a credit cards in his teeth! He has been trained SO well! (Or maybe “mind washed” is a better term?)
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MistressTangent – Flash Session

This big slut was next door while we were filming and wanted Mistress Tangent and Mistress Severa to work on him. They obliged and was let out of his restraints to come in and take some punishement from these two friends and vixens. The decide some cock and ball treatment and NT is in the cards for this big fucker. They string him up and tied his big balls up and get some nice clamps on him. He gazes lustfully at their beautiful bare natural breasts and long legs in sky high heels while they work on him. Great double team torment from two of the hottest professionals in the world. The cut him down after some harsh CBT and NT and make him kiss their ass as they switch to some humiliation. They thoroughly enjoy humbling him and he worships their perfect hard asses as they laugh and tease him. Then he is made to go to his knees and the NT and CBT resume on his increasingly tender private parts. Mistress Tangent uses some electrics on him toward the end while he has a metal dental dam filling his mouth.He is bound on his knees, metal dental dam holding his jaws apart, helpless as Mistress Tangent and Mistress Severa deliver non-stop torment to his cock and balls as well as his nipples. All he can do is take it as they stimulate him to his limit. They each take turns shocking his cock with the violet wand and make sure he is taking torment top and bottom.This guys cock and balls are super sensitive and ready for clothespins. Mistress Severa clamps them on and the two vixens kneel on either side of him topless to continue their torment of his cock and nipples. His tied balls are pulled and hurt and then Mistress Tangent makes him worship Her ass. Mistress Severa jams a stockinged foot in his mouth as Her partner slides out of Her sky high heels and has him clean the bottom of Her bare foot. The get him to his back and Mistress Tangent positions Her pussy over his greedy face as they order him to start jacking himself off.The big slave gets to jerk his meat while he gets both their attention. One on his face and one tormenting his torso. Then they switch and as he is getting a whiff of Mistress Severa over his face he gets a vibrator to the balls from Mistress Tangent. This is too much for the pig and he is obliged to shoot his load as they laugh at him. He gets his cock and balls stepped on by the sky high see through platform slides Mistress Tangent has on for his trouble.
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GoddessFootDomination – Under Pantyhose Feet – Ashlynn Taylor

Goddess Ashlynn Taylor is relaxing in her dungeon when a masked slave shuffles in bearing her heels. She has requested her sharpest stilettos in order to dole out an overdue punishment to her waiting trample slut. The masked slave places her delicate pantyhosed feet into the heel and then kneels passively to observe the slut’s punishment.

The slut squirms as his Goddess slowly pushes the heel into his chest. Goddess Ashlynn is delighted to see the marks her heels leave and the look of pain in the sluts eyes. Giggling, she presses even harder, digging deeply into the slut’s tender flesh. She works over the prone slut’s chest, stomach, nipples and balls all with a sadistic smile.

Feeling disappointed at the slut’s inability to take his punishment Goddess Ashlynn removes her heels. She climbs atop the slave barefooted and begins slapping his face with her feet. Goddess Ashlynn sets the slave to jerking his cock for her but he quickly proves himself unable to perform this way as well. Fed up and disgusted she banishes the slut to the corner with his cock locked in chastity.

Seeking to reward the masked slave’s comparative obedience, Goddess Ashlynn has him lay before her. The slave is permitted to wank his cock as she lets the slut know just how poorly he measures up. The slave’s cock rises to full attention, pleasing his Goddess. She glides her pantyhose covered feet all over his face as he worships attentively with his tongue. Soon Goddess Ashlynn commands the slave to cum and he finishes all over her delectable feet.
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FemaleWorship – Pamper Me, Adore Me – Alex Harper

Sometimes miss Alex Harper tasks her males with household chores, but other times she is simply in the mood for pure worship. Like when she is in the mood to relax she may catch a quick snooze while her male gently pampers and massages her to sleep.
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Amai Liu – Sniff my Stinky Tiny Soles

Look who’s back! Little Amai Liu is back and hotter than ever, still rocking her stinky size 3 soles too.She has Ninja tied up and still 10 years later love to torment him making him sniff her feet and toes. She forces her socks on him first making inhale all the walking she’s done at the AVN convention. She grips his nose between her toes, making him sniff in the toejam , then giggles as she rubs them all over his face. She grabs the back of his head with one foot and forces his head up so her sole and smear all over his nose. What more to say, it’s Amai so you know this one will be good!
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GoddessFootJobs – Manipulating Him – Gabriela Lopez

Gabriela Lopez is on the phone with her mother. She’s pleading her case to go on a trip to Key West to no avail. Irritated, she hangs up right as her mother’s boyfriend enters the room. Gabriela knows he’s the only one who can convince her mother. Knowing his weakness for her feet she begins teasing him by rubbing her bare soles on his legs and chest.

Quickly succumbing to her charms, mom’s boyfriend begins licking her feet. He sucks on her toes and runs his tongue between them as she bares her breasts. His cock springs out of his pants and she begins pumping it tightly between her soft soles. Gabriela lays back on the couch and administers an expert footjob as he rubs her sweet pussy and tweaks her nipples.

Mom’s boyfriend has his cock worked by Gabriela’s feet from multiple positions. He then places her on her stomach and starts to fuck her feet faster and faster. Her moans fill the air as she rubs herself and his pace increases. Brought to the brink he finishes all over her feet, coating them in his seed.

Gabriela runs out the door with her suitcase as he’s still catching his breath. Off to Key West for her, explaining this is his problem.
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Bare Feet Smelling

Asia Feet Smelling! Richie liegt im Wohnzimmer auf dem Boden und muss nackten Thai-Füssen von Yas Min riechen. Asia Feet Smelling! Richie lies in the living room on the ground and naked thai feet of Yas Min this one must smell.
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FemdomEmpire – Double Foot Sex

Mistresses Ariana and Alina give you an overdose of their beautiful soles and toes as they rub them all over your body and that rock, hard cock. They love to make a man submit to their feet as they use them to milk out a load of cum from your slave balls. Once they are finished fucking your cock with their soles you will never want a handjob again.
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FemdomEmpire – Owned by MILF – Brandi Love

Goddess Brandi Love gives you an up close and personal experience on what life would be like if you were her one and only cuckold bitch. Sometimes dreams do come true…
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SubbyHubby – Training The Loser Neighbor Part 1 – Foot Worship

Kendra James and Kiki Klout are pleasantly surprised when their neighbor offers them some flowers, but are less than happy when he admits to picking them out of their yard. Kendra and Kiki are amused that this loser thinks that he has any shot with them, so they invite him in, only to discover that he is already locked in a chastity device! The girls decide to train him as their cuckold and his first lesson is how to worship their shoes and feet properly.
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SubbyHubby – Becoming Vanessa’s Servant Part 3: Foot Worship

Goddess Vanessa has her bitch fully dressed as a sissy on his knees in front of her, sitting on the couch. Her bitch is trying to become her servant and has passed the first two phases of his initiation. Now he has to worship his Goddess’s feet. Vanessa is talking to her bitch as she is dangling her high heel shoe off her perfect feet. She tells her sissy that before he can touch her feet, he must smell her shoe. She tells him to breathe in deep and smell her essence. Her servant must love her scent. Whether it’s her pussy, ass, feet or shoes! Now the sissy needs to show his Goddess his skill and enthusiasm while worshipping her feet. Watch as the pathetic bitch sucks her toes and licks her soles. The whole time Goddess Vanessa’s perfect pussy and ass is naked and right in front of him. Too bad he can only lick and touch her feet! Goddess Vanessa isn’t totally pleased with her sissy bitch, but reluctantly agrees to allow him to move on to phase 4. She warns her bitch that she isn’t going to be so nice from now on and paints his dick sucking lips with bright red lipstick. She informs him that in phase 4 he will learn how to take her cock and writes “cock whore” on his chest with the lipstick. The bitch tells his Goddess that he is ready to accept his fate in the next phase of training!
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