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MeanBitches – Victoria Voxxx

Victoria’s landlord comes to tell her that she is late on the rent for her Dungeon. She has very little tolerance for landlords and starts giving him commands. She hypnotizes him and convinces him that she has already paid rent for the year, but then decides to have some fun with him! She makes him tell…
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GoddessFootjobs – New House Rule – Avery Moon

Avery Moon is a typical rebellious teen, defying her new stepfather’s rules and being a real brat. This guy isn’t going to stand for this unruly behavior and moves to show her exactly who is going to be the boss in the household. Stepdad throws young Avery across his knee and begins spanking her bare bottom. As the old guy repeatedly slaps Avery’s tight, little bare bottom we can see that the girl is becoming excited. Stepdad is going to fix her in more ways than one! He dips his fingers into her already dripping wet pussy between spanks and Avery’s entire attitude changes. He quickly rips the clothes off his stepdaughter and lays her on the sofa. He commences worshiping her feet with incredible passion and Avery moans with pleasure as she becomes even hornier. She loves the sensation of having her feet kissed, licked and sucked by this older authority figure. She gives up complete control to stepdad as he goes down on her sweet, juicy pussy. Stepdad whips out an already engorged cock and begins fucking her sweet, tan feet. He pumps and plows those soft young soles with enthusiasm. The guy sits on the sofa next to Avery and she grabs his dick between her sexy feet and begins jerking him off. He moves her into a reverse position so she can jack him off with her feet while he spanks her ass even more. As he drops a big, hot load onto her perfect feet, it appears clear that Avery Moon is ready to accept a submissive position with the new dominant male of the home.
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Mistress Irene is on the bed scrolling hot stud porn on her phone and just relaxing. She explains how she has been busy all day beating and using men. “Having my feet licked too” she adds as the camera scrolls back and we see one of her slaves licking her feet. “So many men desperate to please me” she says. She looks at you and asks if you wish you were the guy down at her feet. She tells her slave that being that close to her feet he better do a good job because kicking him would be very easy right now. Nice camera angles give you a great view of Irene’s soles and toes as she spreads them wide so you can imagine you are servicing her other feet.

“We could have a contest” she says again looking at you. “I’ve been wearing my thigh high boots all day so my feet should be dank and sweaty.” The camera comes up to her armpits and she says that this might be the job for you, licking the sweat from them. She smells them and loves it saying it’s the smell of Goddess. With two armpits and two feet she suggests four slaves might be most appropriate. She touches her pussy and says if she had a real man there also he could take care of that. She gives her slave a peek up her skirt and when he inches towards it she hollers at him “Stay on my feet, dumb bitch.” She mocks him saying that his purpose is as a slave and she knows if she treated him with respect he would lose his erection, he needs to be treated with disdain. “To be treated poorly, to be called nasty names, worshiping feet is all you deserve, or maybe these armpits, anything dirty and you’d probably like to be my toilet too” she says again looking directly at you. The slave is licking between each tow now as told to do so and then she tells him to suck her big toe as practice to be her cuckold. As the slave licks away she tells him that it’s a nice treat for him at the end of the day.
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GoddessFootDomination – Goddess Brianna – Vulnerable Foot Slave

Goddess Brianna has her latest foot slave in quite a predicament. He stands before her, hands bound and balls painfully stretched by a five pound weight. She first teases him with her feet adorned in strappy high heeled sandals. A commitment to suffer for his owner is secured and immediately acted upon. Goddess Brianna doles out a lesson in posture, form, pain and humility. The slave is made to swing the weight between his legs and has it dropped by his Goddess. She then begins to kick the weight, showing off her beautiful pedicured feet encased in the sandals. Several kicks are administered as Goddess Brianna continues to admonish the slave for posture and flinching. Soon a very heavy kick leaves the foot slave doubled over and made to kiss the very foot that brought him low.

Next the slave stands before his seated Goddess in a chastity cage. She uses a vibrating wand on his cage that leaves him visibly trembling. Made to lie down, the slave is allowed a few opportunities to kiss her shoes between feeling the heels digging deeply into his tender flesh. Ultimately Goddess Brianna has her slave pledge continued suffering for the opportunity to one day worship her bare feet.
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MenAreSlaves – Finish Your Water Pig

Aww how cute, Kelly and Dakota’s slave is drinking from his doggie bowl. But one other perk of having their male drink in such a manner is that his drinking bowl is also a convenient place for them to wash their feet.
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Clubstiletto – Over 100 Kicks, Punches and Knees to the BALLS

Miss XI relaxes on the couch and enjoys her drink on a hot summer’s day. A shoe dangles from her foot, which she eventually allows to fall. She looks a bit angry and that means trouble for someone. She calls someone, her slave, over who diligently kneels by the fireplace, awaiting her directions. She orders him to sniff her feet and suck her toes. Thanks to some great camera angles, you get a fantastic view of her tiny size four feet, which are about to destroy his balls.

She tells him to stand up, and over the course of the next five minutes, repeatedly kicks him in the nuts. And just to keep him off balance, XI mixes it up with punches followed by a knee to the crotch. She humiliates him by making him kiss her feet and suck his own ball sweat from them. Amazingly cruel!
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TBH the video itself is kind of boring. He mostly just grovels at my stockinged feet for like 45 minutes and worships me in silence like a lump. You can hear the TV in the background as I relax after taking all his $$$ and letting him grovel before me. Then I literally just use his ugly face as my footstool while I watch TV haha.

At the end I give him a chance to impress me and make a really GOOD video by letting me stand on him in my stilettos until he can’t take it anymore- and the longer he can take it, the longer he gets to remain in my presence before I kick him out! Unfortunately, like most slaves he is too weak and can’t take much- so after just a few minutes I kick him out the door and make him leave for disappointing me.

But before kicking him out, I decide to totally disrespect him one last time by standing full-weight right on his FACE in my stockinged feet though! LOL

The best part though is the beginning when he is commanded to literally crawl up the marble steps outside on his hands and knees with his $$$ in his teeth- just for me to take it from him and laugh in his face for being this pathetic! haha
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When Mistress Ivy Lebelle orders her slave to prove his devotion she means it! A locking shock collar is attached to her slave’s neck allowing Ivy to send an electric jolt anytime he isn’t using his mouth to his best ability. Unfortunately for her slave, Mistress Ivy has a little too much fun pressing the button making him squirm and jump in pain while he worships every inch of her divine feet.
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Clubstiletto – It’s Nice To Have a Cuckold In The House – Mistress Irene

Mistress Irene reclines on the bed and calls her cuck husband over. She asks if he heard her lover fucking her and points down to her legs, which are covered in cum. She scoops some up with her fingers, sticks them into his mouth, then tells him to lick it from her legs. She wears panties because hubby is strictly prohibited from seeing her pussy; she wants him to remember it from their wedding night and only have the memory to excite him now. She mocks him for his tiny cock and instructs him to stand up so she can laugh at it. She holds her little finger up beside it and they’re the same length! She talks about how massive her man is and orders hubby to get back in and eat up the rest of the stud cum. “As I have a lot of boyfriends, you’ll be busy, and my next one likes to be fluffed so you’ll be able to see how big he is as you prepare him for me,” she says.

Irene tells hubby that once her man is hard, she’ll have him stand up so the two can compare cocks and all have a good laugh over the discrepancy. Dutiful hubby continues to lick and accepts the humiliation as well as her orders, without question. Once she’s clean, Irene sends him to the foot of the bed to remove her shoes and practice his cock sucking ability on her big toes. “While you’re doing that, I’m going to close my eyes and play with myself” she says to him. She talks about her previous lover; how beautiful he is, how hung he is, and how he makes her feel so good. “You could never come close to being anything like him and that’s why he’s fucking me and you’re sucking my toes and imagining it’s his cock” she says, and rubs herself more vigorously until she has a mind blowing orgasm. She sends hubby back to the closet as she says with a smirk, “It’s nice to have a cuckold in the house.”
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FemdomEmpire – Making of a Doormat – Stephanie West

A boy’s mouth will never come close to Princess Stephanie’s pussy as they are only meant for cleaning and polishing her leather boots and size 6 1/2 feet. She trains and transforms her newest bitch boy into the loyal and obedient doormat he was meant to be.
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FemdomEmpire – Chastity Foot Pet – Anny Aurora

German Goddess Anny Aurora’s slave has been reduced to nothing but a caged up chastity pet whose only purpose in life is to worship and adore her feet. He has shown zero skills in every other task he was given except being able to properly suck her toes and lick the bottom of her soles. From here on out being a doormat to clean her size 8 1/2 feet will be his only reason for existing. Goddess Annie shoves her foot down his throat giving him a taste of his new role as her personal foot slut.
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FemdomEmpire – No Limits Doormat – Angela White

All boys belong on the floor at a Goddess’s feet worshipping them all day every day. Mistress Angela White trains her newest doormat how to not be a waste of space disappointment when it comes to the art of foot and heel servitude.
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